Toby Rowland's OU vs. Tulsa Scene Setter


The folks at have released this week's scene setter in preparation for the Tulsa game.

Oklahoma Sooners 48 - Louisiana Tech 16 | Video Highlights


Just in case you missed this from the one and only HolaKyle

2014 OU Football Intro Video


If you missed Oklahoma's intro video before the Louisiana Tech Saturday night,here's a look.

Toby Rowland - "It's Coming"


If you haven't seen this 2:35 video featuring The Voice of the Sooners and produced by then you absolutely must. Saturday can't get here quick enough!

Here's Your Oklahoma Drill Ladies & Gents | Turns Out Blake Bell Can Block As Well


The Sooners were in full pads for the first time on Monday which means they ran the Oklahoma Drill. Latest video from has highlights and player quotes, plus proof that Blake Bell really can do it all (he blocks out Geneo Grisson in the opening highlight) from the tight end position.

Brent Musburger: "Welcome, Everybody, I'm Kirk Herbstreit"


Who flipped the script for the BCS National Championship Game? I fear Anchorman may have had something to do with this...

S-E-C: Athleticism, Attitude, Alcohol


Female Bama fan goes over the top to express her displeasure at how the Sugar Bowl was going.

OU Bedlam Highlights Synced With OSU Radio Call


This is just amazing. By far and away my favorite part is the dead air after every single time OU makes a play. As if this ridiculous homer simply cannot muster the words to describe what he's just witnessed. I love every single thing about this and can't thank enough the person who took the time to put it together.

Video Breakdown of the one package that worked vs TEX!


There's a higher quality version of the video on Youtube uploads are so crappy. :-/ Before the game I was asked what I thought OU should do on offense. I said I thought they should focus on the power run game and pound it down their throats, then if they are able to stop it by bringing the safeties into the box then run play action with deep posts and crosses, (patterns Bell can throw accurately to). I didn’t think I was saying anything profound. It all seemed so obvious. Their weakness is our strength. Surprisingly, we decided to insist on throwing the ball and use 3 and 4 WR’s despite the fact that our 2 FB/1 RB personnel packages had an incredible success rate. The plays out of the 2 FB personnel group were successful 11 out of 13 times. Running plays out of the 3 and 4 WR groups were successful only 7 out of 15 times. That’s less than half! This is the video breakdown of the one thing that worked and why we should have run it almost exclusively in the second half.

Video Breakdown on Clay's Long TD Run


See more (and higher quality) at