The Oklahoma Sooners have secured the top overall seed in the NCAA softball tournament


On Sunday, the Oklahoma Sooners, who have clinched the past two Women's College World Series titles and are strongly favored to repeat this season, were awarded the top overall seed in the 2023 NCAA softball tournament. After a dominant victory against Texas on Saturday, securing the Big 12 championship and improving their season record to an impressive 51-1, there was no doubt that the Sooners would claim the No. 1 spot in the regional seedings announced on Sunday.

Anton Harrison report


See why I think Anton could be a higher pick then most

Everyone is talking about Perrion and Bonnito but what about Thomas???


Thomas is reviewed by an NFL analyst. He could be the best of the three after a year or two.

Rattler is leaving Oklahoma


News on the quarterback that got benched.

Mayfield Tweeted This; Interpret it at Your Own Discretion


Baker Mayfield tweeted this. Make of it what you will.

Dede Westbrook Before the Sooner Hall of Fame


I did not know most of this. Dede has really had it tough.

The Importance of Erick Wren's Extra Year of Eligibility


Wren, a former walk-on, was put on scholarship earlier this season. Today, he was granted an extra year of eligibility, making him a redshirt-junior as opposed to a senior. This is huge for the O-line. The starters for the past few games have been Brown, Powers, Wren, Samia, and Evans. Brown is a redshirt-sophomore, Powers is a sophomore, Samia is a sophomore, and Evans is redshirt-freshman. Assuming Brown doesn't go pro, we should return our entire starting O-line. We will still have good depth as well, with his backup, Alvarez, returning next year.

Why we miss Sterling Shepard


Even if this kid had played for Texas, I'd still be rooting for him.

Dusty Dvoracek to ESPNU


I have to tell you that I am very proud of this man. He proves that everyone deserves a second chance, and that people do in fact mature when they get older and wiser, and change can be made for the better.