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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Football season, commitment season, and more!

The Sooners are marching closer to the start of the season, and 2024 recruiting is ramping up.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 29 Cheez-It Bowl Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What is good?

We’re lmost there! It is Week 0. Navy vs Notre Dame to kick things off on Saturday. All is right in the world.


  • Speaking of heat, the Oklahoma Sooners are sizzling on the recruiting trail this week. First came the commitment of do-everything Heritage Hall standout Andy Bass, who seems destined to bring a unique wrinkle to the running back position for years to come.
  • The Sooners received more positive news later Thursday afternoon, with Denton Guyer DB Eli Bowen picking OU over the Texas Longhorns. Bowen, of course, is the younger brother of five-star freshman Peyton Bowen.
  • And then there’s Saturday — a.k.a. the announcement date for five-star defensive lineman David Stone. After failing to earn a commitment from Williams Nwaneri, Stone’s decision is of paramount importance to Brent Venables’ effort to turn Oklahoma’s defense into a formidable force once again. The Del City native has made dozens of visits to Norman and is more than familiar with the coaches, campus, players and current commitments. The hope is for that familiarity to win the day as the Miami Hurricanes make a late charge.
  • No one really likes talking about special teams in the preseason. I mean seriously, it’s a few snaps a game, but somewhere in your blacked-out portion of your brain is a memory of a game that Oklahoma (or whoever you cheer for) lost because of a special teams play. You don’t have to think too far back for OU. A couple of those might of been last year. Zach Schmit is in the middle of that.
  • I have never heard of Oreo pancakes prior to reading this but I would like to report. I. Am. IN.
  • Oklahoma basketball finally got its staff all together going into next season. Porter Moser has a really really big and pressured filled season ahead of him. Bob Przyblo will take the reigns on telling us about it. Interestingly enough, the final piece knows a bit about beating Texas.
  • Walter Rouse — Man of the People.
  • Woah. I’ll let this list just speak for it self. Go get your guy, Brent.
  • Madi Williams has and will always be a problem. Go get yours in the pros, Madi!
  • The running back room is jumbled, muddy, and unclear. However, it’s deep and could very well be a strength. A name that is rarely talked about with your buddies at this point is Marcus Major. Ryan Chapman writes about the room and the fun Major.
  • So here it is — The thing everyone talked about this week. I gave Yormark credit. College football has lived off the lifeblood of rivalries and pettiness driving narratives and interest for decades. The man, despite his game changing dramatically next season, is playing the freaking game.
  • So truthfully, I didn’t know where to put this one. I landed in the OU section because so many OU voices have announced that they are landing there. Sellout Crowd was announced formally this week as a new Oklahoma sports media-based company. Tons of names landed there, and obviously a few who I know personally. I am happy another outlet creates more “seats at the table”. New start-ups are terrifying for all the obvious reasons, but I can’t explain how hopeful I am that this — as well as the already existing media outlets — can survive and thrive.

College Football Links:

  • Caleb Williams, from the first time I heard his name, has been an outstanding football player, but I have always been told he is also a business man. Ross Dellenger’s piece this morning is really interesting. Williams is not allowing his vanity to get in the way of getting the best financial deal possible. Interesting read.
  • You can’t make this up. I don’t know what people were thinking was going to happen in a documentary about Urban that Urban Meyer was involved in. Of course he would literally only tell the good parts. Meyer, though, in the ring of honor? THE RING OF HONOR? Seriously, take a drink. Look at the trophies they won despite everything that was actually going on and just count your blessings. I, however, can completely believe the results of this poll.
  • ACC expansion — Sounds like it is almost there, maybe?

The world we all forget outside of sports

  • I always have no idea what to watch. if you are like me this article just spits the names of every popular show by streaming service. Makes it easy. Got Netflix? Suits, yeah from a few years ago, is the most streamed show this summer. Hulu? It’s The Bear, shout-out to Lip Gallagher. You are welcome in helping you continue to never make a choice past 5pm.
  • Speaking of what I am doing when I don’t know what to do.... my wife and I are plowing through Survivor. We have never seen an episode, so it’s all new to us. It is easy to see the ‘problematic’ elements of the show (especially season 2) but also why it’s been addicting for a lot of people. But, I know I am late to the party, BUT SOMONE FAKED AN APPENDIX BURSTING AND THEY LET HIM BACK ON THE SHOW AND HE JUST QUIT AGAIN. Outrageous. I think Jeff should’ve had to retire on the spot. I mean just stupid decision making. It was great for me, wasn’t a huge fan of Brandon, so glad I didn’t have to watch him anymore.