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Oklahoma Football Recruiting Update: Sooners preparing for home stretch

Oklahoma already has a large class, but the staff is far from finished with the 2024 cycle.


Alright, we are closing in on the home stretch of the 2024 recruiting class. We’re taking a look at a few names remaining out there for the Oklahoma Sooners as well as the expectations of getting a late flip near the early signing day.

Reggie Powers

Oklahoma seems to be in a strong position to secure the commitment of Reggie Powers, a former Michigan State commit and a highly-regarded 4-star safety. Following Powers’ recent visit to Norman, several predictions have favored the Sooners. He spent the weekend exploring the campus, and there is some uncertainty about his scheduled official visit to UCLA this weekend. If the UCLA visit doesn’t happen, keep an eye on Oklahoma as they may move quickly to close the deal.

Eddy Pierre-Louis

In every recruiting cycle, there’s usually a storyline that takes unexpected turns. This year, it might revolve around Eddy Pierre-Louis, a talented 4-star offensive lineman from Tampa, FL. Initially, Oklahoma was the front-runner for Pierre-Louis, but that momentum waned during the summer. About a month ago, things started swinging back in Oklahoma’s favor, with numerous predictions favoring the Sooners. However, after Oklahoma’s close game against UCF (another primary contender) last Saturday, some suspect that this recruitment could take another turn. While it’s uncertain, there have been a few examples of such shifts, and the Sooners have yet to secure Pierre-Louis’s commitment. Pending any late developments, this story will be worth following as national signing day approaches.

Grant Brix

Grant Brix, a 4-star offensive lineman from Logan, Iowa, might not be as high-profile as some other recruits, but his recruitment has had its share of storylines. At times, it seemed like Oklahoma was in a favorable position, while at other times, they appeared to be on the outside looking in. Following Oklahoma’s significant win over Texas, a couple of predictions swung in the Sooners’ favor. However, in the two weeks since that victory, not much has changed regarding Brix’s decision, apart from Nebraska’s continued efforts to recruit him. The Sooners believe they’ve gained the upper hand, and their confidence is supported by analysts. Nevertheless, Nebraska remains a team to watch until the recruitment is finalized.

Potential Flips

It’s no secret that Oklahoma is staying in contact with several prominent prospects in the 2024 recruiting class. Williams Nwaneri, a 5-star defensive lineman, stands out in a list that also includes Dominick McKinley, Terry Bussey, and Bryant Wesco, all 5-star prospects. Any significant developments in these recruitments are unlikely to occur for a few more weeks, pending coaching changes, and the unfolding of the season. Simultaneously, the Sooners need to maintain their performance to be well-positioned should one or more of these recruits decide to explore other options.