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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: Week 2 is here!

Oklahoma is preparing for Kent State, and the defense looks to keep the momentum going.

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UTEP v Oklahoma Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

OU Links

  • The Oklahoma Sooners had some rotation along the offensive line. Tyler Guyton though showed he might have some real talent hidden inside of that monster frame. I don’t know when Wanya Morris will return but I do know that Guyton is going to try to make a case that maybe he should stay on the sideline when he does. My good pal Bobby Queso (Bob Przyblo) from Sooner Scoop laid out the case for Guyton here.
  • Happy Birthday to Bob Stoops today! Bob is someone who I have gotten to meet a handful of times and interview a few times. I will never forget when I asked him a question, that I was told to ask by the XFL, and he thought that it was the dumbest thing he had heard. Bob is the best. Happy birthday to the man who stepped up when someone else stepped away.
  • Safties are the keys to my heart. I don’t know what it is. Maybe becuase Brian Dawkins made me fall in love with football. But watching Billy Bowman break on a couple of passes early in that UTEP came got me excited. All Sooners talks about how he and Key need to be able to trust each other so the other can make a play.
  • Brent is making it harder and harder to not like him personally as a media member. I will continue to say, I don’t know yet if he s a good coach. All the stories I heard coming in though seem true. He seems like a great man and clips like this don’t dispute that.
  • Kicking matters, Oklahoma has a new one that made his debut infront of his home crowd on Saturday. What wast at like for young Zach Schmit? Sounds like it was a nervous event for the young man who had himself a good Saturday.
  • One thing that FOR YEARS I have complained was stupid was the generic OU jersey with the number 6 on the front and back but no name. Dawg, we know who that is for. That issue has officially been resolved by NIL.
  • Stutsman had himself a Saturady huh? He was 2 or 3 plays away from having a historic moment with a game 1 interception. Stutsman is someone who is only in year 2 of the program but feels like he has been around for twice that time. Brent talked about his development and where he sees Danny going long term.
  • Happy flag-plant-aversey to all of you who I am sure celebrate it.

Anything else going on?

  • Brent’s old boss seems to have secured his long term place with Clemson. I guess they wanted to make sure that he could still be Georgia Tech with out Brent and Tony Elliot? What hilarious timing.
  • Just a small NFL drop here but I have been staring at this for awhile. Why you ask? Because I don think Lamar and the Ravens affect two people who you all care about. Baker. Jalen. Both have uncertain futures with their teams and the Raven’s spot opening up could be great for Baker or if the Eagles make a trade bad/could be good for Jalen. Something to think about.

Can I talk about things that aren’t sports?... ya know what better to ask for forgiveness than premission.

I am currently in the proccess of purchasing a home, so hopefully I start sounding better on the podcast because my computer will be in a room ment for that and not my parent’s laundry room. But.

Anyone know how to lay tile? Can I lay tile? Or will I totally just screw this up?

Talk to you knuckle heads on Monday.