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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: The first setback for Brent Venables

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Oklahoma and Brent Venables come off the mountain top of Nebraska the valley of Kansas State.


What’s good?

What weekend, huh? I get it. Oklahoma lost. Upset again by Kansas State. Tough one to swallow if you are a Sooner fan. Oklahoma got pushed around up front in this one. I mean, I’m happy to list all the things that I think went wrong with this one. The list is obvious and long. However, I will just let Brent Venables speak for himself.

Oklahoma is not the worst team in the Big 12, but they likely aren’t the best. The Sooners have a chance to rebound, but there are lots of questions to answer over the next week. I will say... I for one am excited to see how Brent handles failure publicly. I have a suspension it will be in stride.

Apologies, there are going to be a lot of Twitter links today, but too much good stuff out there.

OU Links

  • There are tons of great writers to attack a game like this. Bob’s “what went wrong” column is always one I know I am going to use in my show. Bob does a great job adding context. Look at this Reggie Grimes and Ethan Downs stat inside of this one.
  • Eli Lederman attacks the offensive performance that is different than the offense. Where do we place blame on Gabriel?
  • Oklahoma’s loss is chalked up to a list of about 12 things, but what are the three biggest? I think Ryan nails my top 3 but maybe in a slightly different order.
  • Teddy Lehman, color radio voice for Oklahoma football, joined Eddie Radosovich yesterday morning and jumped into some depth. Listen to how Teddy talks about the linebackers and how he talks about missing tackles on Duece Vaughn in this game.
  • If you missed the game, this was the biggest back-breaker I have seen in awhile.
  • So what did Oklahoma do on that play? Here is a quote from Roof.
  • I love so much of the coverage in Oklahoma, and I think we have a ton of awesome writers. When tough things need to be said, if you aren’t reading John Hoover, I think you are making a major mistake. Hoover is one of the best doing it and this was some of his best work.
  • It is very interesting to read immediate loss reaction pieces like this one versus the day after stuff from the same writers. Where were we when it was over? Where are we now with more context? Good stuff here from the hip by Aber.
  • Ryan Aber talking with Jenni Carlson and Berry Tramel on the loss
  • Speaking of catches...
  • Oklahoma’s search for answers continues. I will be fascinated to see where they look. Personal? Scheme? Run it back? Champman looks into all that.
  • Oklahoma tumbles down the top 25, all the way down to 18.
  • Um, where the heck do I put recruiting news? Heck, I don’t know? OU targeting a familiar face in the QB ranks for 2024. It’s Michael Hawkins, son of the former OU DB of the same name.
  • While we’re on the topic of recruiting, just a reminder that David Hicks announces his commitment decision at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday.
  • Maybe a new tradition in Oklahoma going into the fourth quarter? Sooners enjoyed working in their new lights into the second night game of the year.
  • Baker after being five plays away from being 2-0 finally snags his first win as a Panther. Carolina looked good against a frisky New Orleans team.

Anything else going on?

  • Presented without any context.
  • College football games have and continue to take way too long. TV companies are now mad, so now we see changes.
  • I mean, this gif is going to be ran into the ground over the next... ya know what this is so good it will likely be over my entire lifetime.

Am I allowed to talk about anything else on here? Ya know what? Better to ask for forgiveness not permission.

  • House of Dragon took a leap in time last night. I will say, the two feuding sides of this story aren’t doing a very good job of making me pick a side. I think we all aren’t exactly sweating and hoping everything works out for the queen are we? Also, that opening scene. Woof. Man, OU could’ve used some of that toughness on Saturday.

Talk to you knuckleheads on Friday.