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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: Sooners seem ready for Saturday

College football starts this week, NFL makes cuts, and the Sooners are front and center on all of it.

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Oklahoma Spring Game Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Whats good?

I mean is there anything else to say? Frankly. I am just going to let OU and Brent carry the intro today. Take the 2 minutes and watch this clip above and tell me you aren’t ready for a football Saturday?

OU Links

  • this week on their podcast reported that we could see a suspension along the offensive line. Wanya Morris, someone who has experienced off-field hurdles in the past, could miss the opener and potentially Kent State. I will let everyone else speculate on reasons, but I have two thoughts. First, good for BV. Don’t lose sight of the big picture for beating UTEP by one more point. Second, my main concern for this team is offensive line depth and cohesion. This obviously hurts that. Strap in, we might have some light turbulence early.
  • Speaking of podcasts, check out this week’s episode of the Crimson & Cream Machine Podcast featuring Kamiar, Stephen, our old pal Seth and myself. We cover the depth chart, recruiting and UTEP while also giving some season predictions for the Oklahoma Sooners.
  • Recruiting I always find hard to talk about. Obviously, kids change their mind. With no commitment day in the next few sleeps I would take this with a grain of salt but David Hicks, the best DT in the 2023 class and top 10 overall player, has been ‘crystal ball’d’ to the Sooners. It is obviously very very exciting if that shoe would drop. Hot Boy Summer for BV rolls on.
  • Former Sooner Trey Sermon had a rough beginning to his NFL career. After landing with San Francisco it seemed he found the perfect situation. A great team, with a smart offensive coach, and no big name back in front of him. It just never quite got there for Sermon. He was cut this week by those 49ers but claimed on waivers by the Philadelphia Eagles. This again should be a great landing spot for Sermon. Miles Sanders in front of him. Boston Scott, and Kenneth Gainwell are the other backups. Sermon likely walks in as the goal line back for his offense.
  • Other Sooners who made teams this week? Tony Jefferson was cut from the Ravens and signed with the Giants practice squad, Steven Parker was cut with the Commanders, Adrian Ealy with the Steelers and Curtis Bolton with the Raiders were also cut. Kennedy Brooks was cut from the Eagles but re-signed onto their practice squad a few hours later. Mike Woods, Perrion Winfrey, and Isaiah Thomas all made the Cleveland Browns. Marquise Hayes lands in Arizona with Kyler Murray and Cody Ford. Delarrin Turner-Yell sticks in Denver with Nick Bonitto. Austin Seibert wins the starting kicking job in Detroit. Gabe Brkic given a second chance wins a job kicking for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay backers. Tre Norwood kept his spot with the Steelers and Tre Brown keeps his with the Seattle Seahawks. Overall, 38 former Sooners will be on 53-man rosters heading into Week 1.
  • Josh Callaway posted one of my favorite all time “I know this happened but we all have to admit we forgot how good this was “ clip on Twitter. Jump in the way back machine and enjoy 2018 again.
  • Shots fired from previous members of the secondary don’t stop just because it is Week 1. Here is Woodi Washington talking about what it is like to have Jay Valai as a secondary coach.

Is anything else going on?

  • Yup. Reports are that college football could be moving to 12 teams in 2024. Pair that with the news that the Big 12 could be renegotiating their contract early with the TV companies leading to an early exit for the Sooners and Texas to the SEC and we have ourselves a full week of information... not even counting that its Week 1. My thoughts is that no matter what they do with the playoff I probably won’t like it. I think the B12 though is making the right call. If you allow Texas and OU to walk away early but get to land Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah thats worth it. Yes they will make less money per team with OU and Texas leaving but they will secure their long term health from being what the Pac12 should fear is around the corner for them... which is literal nonexistence.
  • NCAA put in transfer windows. 45 days after the national championship. 15 days after spring camp. This makes too much sense and I am glad for once I don’t have to yell and scream about how dumb the NCAA is.
  • I hope you watched the backyard brawl and the Penn State comeback last night. Man what two very very very fun games and a way to start the college football season when you include OSU’s sweaty second half vs Central Michigan and Nebraska’s unwinding vs North Western last week. Good Golly I am glad to be back into the season.

Am I allowed to post other stuff? Ya know what, ask forgiveness not permission.

  • Anyone watch the new Lord of the Rings show on Amazon? I am about to turn it on right now but let me tell you — These photos? I am excited to see how good this thing looks. Reports to surface next week if it’s worth your time.

Talk to you tomorrow ON GAME DAY Knuckleheads.