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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Nebraska Game Eve, the Selmon Brothers statue and more!

Oklahoma takes on Nebraska, and it feels like chaos is knocking on the door around the country.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 10 Kent State at Oklahoma Photo by David Stacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Whats good?

I mean, I seriously don’t even know where to start with all the storylines this week. I have harped on Oklahoma’s offensive line being bleh so I will turn else where. The schedule news, I understand, is the big story, but honestly, I think this one is cooler and will be overshadowed.

The big-time announcement came from OU football this week, and nothing will quite hit like a statue unveiling. Especially one that is well overdue.

The Selmon Brothers are finally getting exactly what they deserve from this OU football program — to be immortalized forever. Obviously, this event won’t be for a couple of weeks, but it’s still very exciting, and truthfully I’m a little upset I will be on air while it is going on. Hope everyone can get out there and enjoy this legendary event.

Now — as Bill Belichick would say if he was a Big 12 coach in the 90’s — on to Nebraska.


  • Georgia and Tennessee were told to scrap their future non-conference matchups with Oklahoma. Then the Twitter website crashed, then it was “oh my gosh, SEC in 2023!” from the back Jim Bob’s pickup. Another, while tearing down Boyd Street, yelled “Bama can barely beat Texas, we have been killing them for 20 years. Roll Tide my ass” from the Jeep Wrangler lifted an extra four inches. The celebration, however, was a little premature. Obviously this was a money thing, as it always is, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate a 2023 move. Hypothetically, if OU waits until 2024 or 2025 to jump, and Georgia plays in Norman in 2023, and OU never plays in Georgia in a non-con, then the Bulldogs get the short straw. Instead? Cancel it. Lame, I know, but it’s the nature of realignment. In walks SMU, which is a nice matchup on short notice.
  • Joe Jon Finley obviously has spent time on some other staffs before coming to Oklahoma. He also landed at OU under Riley, but stayed under Brent. Interesting to hear his perspective on the head man himself.
  • Casey Thompson and OU are about as entwined as a player and team could be for a pair that never were in collaboration with one another. Thompson crossed paths again with the Sooners after starting at Texas and being recruited by Brent this offseason. Nice write-up here by Hoover on the complete story line here.
  • I was in on Jalil Farooq having a breakout year. Well, I have some egg on my face early, huh? Nature of the beast, but I would like to say that I am in on the breakout incoming, but the offense needs to change fundamentally to accommodate that, which makes me hesitant. What does Farooq have to say about all this? Find out from Ryan Chapman.
  • True freshman earning a role? Thats no easy path. Jovantae Barnes, however, has shown some ability and a different skill set. Bob Przyblo lines out the case to see more of Barnes going forward.
  • Bob Stoops doesn’t want to go to Nebraska. Just in case you need a story on the obvious, here is one.
  • Marvin Mims has been explosive. How explosive? Welp, the answer is THE MOST EXPLOSIVE.
  • Ya know what gets you paid in college sports? Football or winning. So if you don’t coach football, you’d better win. Patty Gasso has for sure done that with the OU softball team. News on her new contract broke yesterday, so how does this impact OU softball going forward?
  • Ever want to see a position coach rap? BOY DO I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU. He’s no Malcolm Kelly, but that’s okay.
  • Ya know... I wasn’t crazy about the concept of the new lights. Felt kind of silly if it wasn’t going to be color-changing similar to Alabama’s. Well, this was indeed cool, so this is me eating crow at the end of the post.

Anything else going on?

  • Former OU play caller and wayward son now can pay for that private boat without his dad’s help. CTC baby (cash them checks). But seriously, happy Heupel is doing so well elsewhere.
  • Appy State beating A&M was shocking. Appy State getting College Gameday, showing up in a major way, and purchasing every available piece of paper to makes signs is totally predictable.
  • Speaking of A&M, they are starting new QB. Ya know, because that was the issue and not the fact that after the game Appy State said they knew every offensive play coming based off of tendency the week before. Lord Jimbo is a gift from the content Gods.

Can I talk about things that aren’t sports? You know, better to ask for forgivness instead of permission.

Let me tell you — this is my first football season as a dad. Honestly, Sunday was awesome. If you don’t know anything about me from my radio show, I am an Eagles fan. The only team I cheer for. College football is great, but it’s also work for me. NFL football is my lifeline. Hanging out with my six-month-old son and wife on the couch for three hours and living or dying by every snap was euphoric. I totally get it. Shout-out to dads. It’s really really hard, but man... sometimes it’s so dope.

Talk to you knuckleheads Monday.