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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: Venables gets emotional, AP poll, a prime time kick, Scott Frost out

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Sooners get the most unappreciated 30-point win in recent memory, and Scott Frost is replaced.

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UTEP v Oklahoma Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

What is good?

The Oklahoma Sooners got themselves a 30-point win that has the fan base’s stomach turning just a little bit. The Sooners took down Kent State 33-3, and on a day of surprise upsets and underwhelming performances from college football powerhouses, frankly, this should be celebrated.

I get it. Kent State isn’t that good, we know that. Oklahoma’s offense, for every step forward we were promised in the offseason, feels like it has provided us a step back in place. The Wanya Morris hypothetical is still hanging out there, but it’s hard to see the “massive” jump some thought was coming. Oklahoma’s defense gave up three points, but yards were there as well as some tough first down conversions to swallow. Also.. Oklahoma was in a football game for way longer than it should have been.

Don’t worry, though. Oklahoma is an adult now. They played poorly, but never played desperate. Struggled some on defense, but gave up 3 points. Struggled some on offense, scored 33. Didn’t dominate, but won by 30. They ended up 2-0, which.. I guess is harder than I thought? The Irish and Aggies would agree.

College football is weird.


  • Sooners find themselves sitting at #6 in the latest AP poll. Which, all things considered is strange. I mean seriously, how much do we really know about this Oklahoma team? I would suggest very little. Regardless, due to a wacky and wild start here we sit with the most boring run of the mill OU team (this is a compliment) I have watched in years sitting at #6. What a time to be alive.
  • Brent today gave a very heartfelt response about what the OU and Nebraska rivalry means to him. I think this is worth the watch.
  • Brent’s tradition of naming captains continues, and we got some faces who had big Saturdays. One that stands out is the most fun player on the team last week (minus Mims), Danny Stutsman. Drake Stoops is also going to be walking out along with a punter. Suddenly feels like they ran out of guys.
  • Here we go. Oklahoma playing Nebraska. Big Red in Lincoln. Old rivalry comes alive. THROW THE RECORDS OUT. Can I tell you how stupid that is? I hate the “throw the records out” crowd. But that’s a fight for another day. Most notably though the ole’ corn man will be handling business on his own without the former QB Scott Frost on staff. This was a long time coming, and it was frankly disgraceful they brought him back for this year. Frost won’t be coaching against the Sooners. I was excited to see Brent coach against a National Championship winning coach. I guess now we gotta wait until Kansas.
  • We are still a few weeks away from OU and Texas taking the field against each other, but now the mullet’d QB might be in question for the Longhorns. I can’t believe how well they played last week against Alabama. I can’t decide if we are setting up for a Texas turn-around or a blip on the EKG machine that is more dramatic sign of fleeting hope than a sign of life. Regardless, Ewers being out is a big deal, he played well. He would’ve given some issues to this Sooners team.
  • Oklahoma and Kansas State is turning into a must see TV game, and the big wigs at the TV companies agree. No Big Noon for this one, but the Oklahoma squad does provide another night game for the fan base. Sooners will host the Wildcats under their new lights at 7pm in a couple of weeks.
  • I have had more fans ask me about Danny than any other player from this past weekend. Stutsman played really well, so well the legend of John Hoover wrote about him. The sky is the limit for Stutsman and it is pretty clear that Brent sees it the same way.
  • Lord have mercy, Marvin Mims is good. How did this guy not have 15 targets a game last year? I know that there are some teams out there with some fantastic receivers but I did get a little antsy thinking about the fact that Mims and Worthy from Texas would be playing against each other in a few weeks. That will be a fun game. Bobby Queso wrote about Mims’ role against Kent State and him rolling against Kent State.
  • Sark is a strange coach to talk about. Everything about his offseason screamed utter disaster but... Saturday happened. I don’t know if it will lead to a “corner” that Texas just turned but I don believe that we have to consider it. “The dumbest thing a smart man can do it not listed to a man who disagrees with him because the smart man might be acting dumb and not know it.” My grandpa said this to me all the time. So, here is someone who thinks differently than I do about Texas and Sark.
  • Texas’s injury bug is contagious. Robinson played this off later and said that he just needs to be tougher but don’t under sell this. Robinson’s ability to turn a 2 yard loss into a 3 yard gain is something that is ACTUALLY the backbone of Texas’s offense and would brutilize the team if it was missing.

Anything else going on?

Can I talk about things more than just football? Better to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.

  • House of Dragon has some juice people! We also got to the incest we all new was coming. This show (and really anything from this franchise) will continue to make me feel a little dirty while watching it. However, episode 3 had an awesome fight scene and episode 4 made me want to turn it off. We are back.