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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: NIL deals, fall camp and more!

Members of Oklahoma’s offensive line sign NIL deal with Hooters one week before season.

Oklahoma Spring Game Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Whats good?

It’s Week 0. Soon we will all be watching the new and transfer-improved Nebraska Cornhuskers vs the fighting Pat Fitzgeralds. College football is almost here. Everybody strap in. Hope you enjoyed your last Saturday off for a while.

NIL has gotten people all hot in bothered for almost two years.

Chisholm! These players aren’t doing it for the love of the game!

Chisholm! Money is ruining college football!

Chisholm! These kids aren’t going to work as hard if they are already making money!

Chisholm! blah blah blah.

Well every so often a perfect NIL deal comes together. Like this one...

Well I am sure Sooner fans have loved the General Booty store from last week, but the Sooners have previously missed out on the corporate hilarity of NIL.

Well, we got it yesterday.

Hooters has annouced an NIL agreement with 10 offensive line units across the country, including the Oklahoma Sooners. Now I gotta know, what is each guy’s favorite wing? Are any of them boneless guys? Does Anton Harrison refuse to use wet naps? Does Chris Murray use bleu cheese or ranch? How many wings can mammoth man Tyler Guyton eat in one sitting?

Here is a list of all the players at the other schools who are now on the mountain top wings payroll.

See everyone, NIL can be beautiful.

OU Links

  • What is better for a young and growing OU fan base quite like some out of this world highlights? Check out these from Jayden Gibson and Billy Bowman.
  • Heisman odds are out (article via The Athletic). and Dillon Gabriel’s odds have been all over the place but here he is listed at sixth with 20- 1 odds.
  • Brent Venables pumped up Billy B last week, Eli Lederman did a write up in the Tulsa world with Brandon Hall talking about that leap. Nice read.
  • Season predictions... frankly, are always stupid. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN... but if you were hoping Vegas would do the work for you, here you go. This would be the win loss record if the favorite in every game won.... I am just going to present this without context.
  • Another Oklahoma opponent has announced their starting QB. Texas Tech says that Tyler Shough as their starter, the transfer from last season of Oregon.
  • New head man return of the mac Brett Yormack obviously has been making his way across the Big 12 most recent stop was Lubbock where he spoke about the direction of the conference. Interesting stuff and honestly... kind of some shots at the previous commissioner (he who shall not be named).
  • Sooners continue to show up in the NFL top 100. Mark Andrews pops at 32 and Joe Mixon at 38.
  • Conference realignment dominating the conversation around every crappy talk radio show like mine, and well, another school comes out to say they might not be standing pat. Florida State’s president says that they will remain aggressive to remain competitive. Every team doesn’t want to left behind and a school with ego of Florida State looking to jump to greener pastures.
  • Dasan Harris has committed to OU baseball. Big time get for Coach Skipppppppppppp.

Is anything else going on?

Can anyone else wait for this? I for one can not. Hiesman mode? overrated. Dynasty mode? for nerds. The real football fans only play mascot mode.

Am I allowed to post other stuff? Ya know what, ask forgiveness not premission.

Anyone else stay up to watch this Sunday night? Surely not just me. I admit, I am not the Game of Thrones nut who were singing the praises for years like some of you hooligans. I still enjoyed it. House of Dragon had all the highlights of GOT. Complete violence, tons of blood, akward sex scenes, and even a medical procedure with way too much detail shown. They only thing they left out was incest.. that we know of.