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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Sooners No. 9 in Preseason AP Poll

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Oklahoma lands at No. 9 in preseason AP Poll

Oklahoma Spring Game Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Whats good?

First, I think maybe I should introduce myself with this being my first post and all. My name is Chisholm Holland. Alright, frankly that is probably more of me then you wanted, so that’s all you get. The rest is a mystery. Let’s get to why you are here.

Today is the vaunted release of the AP top 25 poll and after the fireworks of the coaches poll, I personally was ready for anything. Hell, if a coach can vote Texas No. 1, then maybe Utah comes out No. 1 with the AP, but no such luck for Cam Rising.

OU lands at #9.

So lets ask the question. Is that fair?

Well, Oklahoma is the highest ranked Big 12 team with Baylor at 10 and Oklahoma State at 12. The media seem slightly more confident in Brent Venables than the coaches seemed to be last week.

Overall, I think this is a fair landing spot. OU is hard to predict this year. There are tons of reasons for optimism but change is change. Hard to turn over an entire new defense and new offense in one offseason. I would take my chances with OU likely finishing above Michigan who sits at 8. But besides that...? The rest seem fair. Utah? A&M? Notre Dame? A case could be made about why all of these could be behind OU in January. I don’t think if I was a Sooner fan I would take much offense to the landing spot.

The one thing I would notice is the points. Clemson, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Utah, and Michigan all are within 100 points of each other with Michigan at 1203. OU? 956. Pretty massive drop. This represents a fairly large “tier” in the eyes of the voters. OU likely being in the 3rd with Baylor, Oregon, and Oklahoma State.

Intresting, but as your annual reminder — none of this matters.

OU Links

  • 19 days until kick off. What more do you need to know?
  • Oklahoma’s hot July on the recruiting trails is turning into mildly uncomfortable August, heck, some might even call it warm. Sooners get local product Jacobe Johnson’s commitment. Johnson, 4 star athlete, plays multiple sports for the Mustang Broncos, including basketball. I have never seen Johnson play basketball but per his own twitter bio he is an “all around hooper”. So the the pick up games after practice just got a little more intense. Jay Valai was the primary recruiter for OU so safe assumption this versital wepon for the Sooners will end up in the secondary. This is the Sooner’s 20th commitment, OU currently sitting at 8th overall per Rivals team rankings.
  • The Sports Animal had Bob Stoops on this morning and its worth listening too, especially his defense of Mark Stoops against John Calapari.
  • If you are keeping up with the scuttle butt... wait... is it scuddle butt? Nah, I am sticking with my first guess. If you are all about that scuttle butt you might have caught some word that Woodi Washington is locked into one corner spot but DJ Graham, assumed starter opposite, might be in a little bit of a competition. Intresting case here laid out for Wyoming transfer CJ Coldon. I like Coldon a ton from the tape I have seen at his previous stop, but I wouldn’t count out a familiar face... Jaden Davis has a shot to be in the first 11 in week 1. Something to monitor.
  • Brian Asamoah, who admittedly I was skeptical of in the draft proccess, looked good against the Raiders. His Sooner speed looks to have translated.
  • Hop on to twitter and you will likely see Miguel Chavis either yelling face first into a camera or a fun video of him and Todd Bates getting the word out on the new OU brand. They over the course of blazing the recruiting trial thought that they should have a nickname. Lots of options out there, I heard they batted around Todguel or Migod, trying to go full Hollywood star couple, but landed on salt and pepper after a few brain storming sessions. Well, I think they might not of known about a previous set of OU start who used that nick name. Dusty Dvoracek reminded them that if they want to use it, they gotta show some respect to the originals.
  • NFL Network is releasing the top 100 players voted on by the players. Ceedee Lamb is at 95 and Kyler Murray falls from 39 in 2021 to 57. The countdown continues later in the week with 50 to 1.
  • Sooners baseball rolling off a world series apperance well on the recruiting trail. Jacob Gholston the 6’6 pitcher out of Flower Mound, Texas over the weekend annouced his commitment to the Sooners to help with their pitching staff. Obviously with the exit of Cade Horton innings are avaiable, so we will see how Jacob looks once he gets on to campus.

Update: upon further thought, he will likey look tall. Frankly, I should of known that immediately.

  • OU soccer getting things going this past week by crushing Texas State in a scrimmage 9-0, Emma Hawkins had... (checks notes)... (takes deep breath to make annoucement)... wait there is not freaking way thats right... (checks notes a second time)... Emma Hawkins had 5 goals. GEEEZZZZZZZ
  • Men’s gymnatic coach Mark Williams annouced today that they will be down two of their stars for championships, Fuzzy Benas and Raydel Gamoa. Fuzzy will continue to miss time due to a shoulder surgery he underwent earlier this summer. Gamboa is dealing with “back issues that interrupted his training”. Both elected to forgo USAs.

Is anything else going on?

  • Nick Saban’s love of Elvis is holding Bama back per ftnfan62.... you serously can’t make this stuff up.
  • Fantasy drafts around the corner, looks like Alvin Kamara might not get disciplined until next year.
  • Will Zalatoris took a few extra holes but brought in his first win this past weekend at Fed Ex. Good write up here on the match.
  • Zach Wilson of the New York Jets on Friday started his first drive with an interception. Coach Sallah decided that they would pivot from their initiall plan of Wilson just playing one series to allow him another oppurtunity. Wilson scrambled up the field and substained a leg injury. It looks like Wilson will likely need surgery on his knee. Jets are hopeful its just a meniscus trim... what ever that means... but injury could be worse once the operation begins. Why do starting QBs play in preseason games?... especially after this hit on Jalen Hurts.
  • In what I can only explain as the most aggressive interview I have ever seen... here is this roasting of Carson Wentz. The second question even makes me squeamish.

Am I allowed to post other stuff? Ya know what, ask forgiveness not premission.

  • Aliens exist, confimed. We are getting toooooo good at this stuff. I am getting worried a Chisholm Holland costume could be available on Amazon soon at this rate.

Talk to you later in the week knuckleheads.