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Oklahoma Football Podcast: The Tandem of Dillon Gabriel & Jeff Lebby

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Brian Smith of Sports Illustrated’s FanNation stops by to talk about Dillon Gabriel.

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Kamiar is joined by Brian Smith of Sports Illustrated’s FanNation covering the UCF Knights to talk about what Oklahoma is getting in Jeff Lebby as well as Dillon Gabriel. We discuss what to expect from duo that are now in Norman, but also their positives and critiques that offer deeper insight into what the Oklahoma Sooners are getting themselves into while paired with a Brent Venables defense. Brian and Kamiar discuss who Gabriel is as a personality, leader, and in terms of play style. Brian also takes a few digs at the Texas Longhorns alongside discussing Oklahoma’s run game and the numbers they may produce this coming football season.

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Fair warning: As usual, this week’s podcast has some NSFW language.

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