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Oklahoma Sooners Softball: Get your ‘Air Jayda’ shirt and more!

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BreakingT is here with plenty of gear to celebrate Oklahoma’s WCWS championship.

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Things were looking kind of dicey for the Oklahoma Sooners in the bottom of the first, as the Texas Longhorns were able to load the bases without an out. A pair of sac flies made it 2-0, and it would have been worse without some nice glove work in the outfield from Rylie Boone and Jayda Coleman for the first and second outs. For the third out, Coleman gave us something to remember.

Of course, the rest was history, as OU would go on to beat Texas by a score of 10-5 to secure its sixth national championship. To celebrate the occasion, our friends at BreakingT are back with some more great shirts. You can find them here.