Finally, the CW Announcement We've Been Waiting For

Well, Sooner Fans, it seems the entire world of football can now breathe a sigh of relief. No more wondering about where the great QB Caleb Williams will land. Seriously, despite all of the drama, was there ever any doubt? I wonder if Wisconsin and UCLA feel a little bit used and abused? There was not any real reason why CW would attend either of those schools or any others he was "interested" in. It was Lincoln Riley U all along.

So, once the word was official on Feb. 1, Lincoln Riley's grin grew a little wider as he sat in his counting house counting his transfers. How many OU guys did he win on his way to becoming the Alabama of the West Coast? The guy will be a force to be reckoned with in a year or two to come. Taking nothing away from OU's former coach--He is a Man With a Plan.

I suspect a few iguanas fell from trees down in Florida as a cold chill swept across college athletic departments nationwide, now that Caleb is wearing the cardinal and gold of the Trojans. Mario Williams, Malachi Nelson and a few others were enticed to join Riley's new crew. He's putting together quite a team. And, he's made me a lifelong Ducks fan!

Going back on my previous thoughts about letting this go, I'm still trying to pull this thorn from my rear. Healing sometimes takes longer than anticipated. Coach Bob and Coach Brent applied the healing balm of coaching competence as OU tries to rebuild. But, damn, still feeling pretty darn betrayed by a young coach given everything he needed to become a the University of Oklahoma...and then grabbing the goods and running toward the next opportunity. Did he forget to wave goodbye and throw us a kiss as he was rushed into a private jet bound for LA? I don't remember.

In case you missed it, there's a pretty decent article on CBS sports about the treachery of the transfer portal and it's greenback cousin NIL. Just thought I'd share and now I'll continue trying to figure out what in the hell happened to Patrick Mahomes. Life goes on.

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