Caleb Williams transferring to USC.

I am disappointed in Caleb, but if this is who he is, good riddance. I'm not going to say he's a bad person, nor will I say Riley is a bad person, but this is this an incredibly weak move that is going to backfire on both parties.

First off, as has been said a thousand times over the last two months, Riley is a dishonest snake, who doesn't value toughness or team culture. He values flash over substance- which is unfortunately increasingly becoming a part of CFB, but it's not the way you win championships. It's fine to change jobs- understandable- but you have to do it the right way. To cook up back door deals at the expense of the university who's paying you handsomely and who's made you who you are, gifted a top flight program from a legend, is unethical. And then to sit there and lie to fans and the media and pretend it all came together at the conclusion of your season, to avoid admitting that you weren't actually doing the job you were being paid to do is disgraceful professionally.

Enough about Riley, the reason I rant about him is to express my disappointment that Caleb is so taken in by him. I understand he may be a nice, player friendly coach, but what was that offense we saw this year? What's that going to look like with that USC offensive line? The USC offense will basically be a MUCH less talented of the OU offense from last year. What makes him think it's going to be BETTER for him developmentally? They were 4-8 in the freaking pac-12. I get it if you want to go to LSU, or Georgia or Clemson or something. THAT makes sense. I wouldn't fault Caleb at all for that. But USC?

You're following a coach who used cliche lines to hype up OU, and then went and used the SAME EXACT line (the mecca of college football) on your new school to USC? You're following a coach who spent at least half a season totally checked out of a job coaching an UNDEFEATED NATTY contender? Who was so soft, that it took your heroics to beat Kansas, but was still so talented that it could go 11-2, even with shitty coaching. Why? NIL money? Is it worth sacrificing potential draft stock to play in Cali? What if you get crushed behind that shit OL and get badly injured, or just look terrible because you don't have protection, and your team isn't good.

Even if you DO play well, you're not going to be a heisman contender or get much of any hype at all playing on the west coast unless USC is somehow like a 10 win team (and that ain't happening this year) Being on a 6/7 win pac-12 team is going to make you irrelevant nationally.

Bad move Caleb. Weak move. Best of luck. You're going to need it. At least if you want to be anything more than a flash in the pan college QB.

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