What happened to Crimson and Cream Machine?

Like many other regular posters who show up to game threads and have fierce, some times all too acrimonious debates over the "finer points" of football, I'm really bummed at the dilapidation of this site. I understand the traffic simply doesn't measure up to most other SB nation sites, but it would be nice to continue to foster a community to discuss OU football, and provide regular updates.

I also understand the writers (who are great) are dedicating their time, and they do an amazing job. I don't say this to disparage any of the great efforts of the writers, but I think everyone can observe that the site has deteriorated. Spam floods the threads, major news and/or game recaps come very late and sometimes never. The commenting traffic has also slowed to a crawl. There is very little discussion outside of game threads or occasional contentious debates right after game.

So what can we do here? I would be happy to volunteer to clean up spam, and will do so dutifully. I don't have enough time to be a regular writer, but I would be happy to share links and/or contribute occasional news updates. I have also noticed we never switched over to the new commenting system. People complained en masse when it first happened at other sites, but they've improved it, and it's certainly making the old system feel really dated in comparison.

Thoughts fellow Sooners?

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