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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: National Signing Day Recap, Cheez-It Bowl and Transfer Portal

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Sooners win, then lose, and then by some miracle win again.


What’s good?

Wow, college football just keeps giving, huh?

Now, look — I am not going to be two-faced about this. I generally find high school recruiting so hard to follow. My brain just isn’t big enough. Knowing that every commitment is just a flip waiting to happen, and every five-star might just be another name in a list of guys who didn’t work out... or the next Heisman winner. Drawing conclusions is always tough for me when there is so much unknown, then add in the fact that the portal delivers a giant element of “this could only be a 12-month marriage” to it, and I stare at my Twitter timeline like the rest of you. Reading measurables. Watching highlight clips and trying to make heads or tails of it. The 10th-best class could actually be the one with all the starts and the one sitting at No. 2 could be gutted by the portal in year.

I would rather be watching some overly-dramatic TV show like Friday Night Lights or something.

And then... Peyton Bowen brought TV drama to my feed.

What a hilarious 24 hours. First, I hope Peyton made the decision he actually wanted and wasn’t pressured one way or another. I hope he plays the sport at the school he desires to play at most. Luckily, it seems like that’s the case.

BUT MY GOODNESS, what a 24 hours.

A black Oregon hat and an OU signing later and we find ourselves staring at one of the all-time rollercoaster rides of recruitment. I hope you got to enjoy it online like the rest of us. Good for BV for winning for a big-time player on the backend of his defense and former teammate of his new foundation (his words; not mine) Jackson Arnold.

Let’s get to the links.

OU Links:

  • Before we get back into the NSD discussion, we have to talk about the portal. And my oh my, did the Sooners add another a nice piece or what? Trace Ford, who has struggled with injuries but has been terrific when healthy, is transferring from OSU to OU. This might come as a shock to you, but OSU fans are experiencing some emotions over this one.
  • Don’t overlook the portal addition of hard-hitting Texas Tech safety Reggie Pearson Jr. As you might recall, Pearson is actually the player who delivered the hit to Dillon Gabriel in overtime of the loss in Lubbock.
  • Ladies and gentlemen… the punter’s accommodations:
  • I really tried to find what was the best Peyton Bowen tweet to include here but.. this one isn’t the one that adds the most context. This tweet, though, from corners coach Jay Valai is absolutely the funniest.
  • Like I said, I struggle to personally find the motivation to cover recruiting, but I don’t undervalue the importance. Josh is someone who I always lean back on to point me in the right direction, and his recap yesterday was great.
  • God, I hate this, but the best piece I read yesterday is from Eli Lederman. I feel like I have said that on three or four of these this year, but the game is the game. A profile on the future face of the Oklahoma Football program — Jackson Arnold.

Anything else going?

  • NIL is a three-letter phrase that is really hitting elite levels of usage. Portal. Recruiting... bowl games?
  • There has been a lot of mud slinging by coaches. Now, what is funny is this is out of jealousy. It isn’t even really pointing out anything that anyone will get in trouble for. It has mostly been out of frustration and generally is pretty vague. Welp. Matt Rhule, new to the game, is calling a spade a spade. Does anyone know what the ghost is suppose to mean?
  • I can’t believe anyone thought anything else was going to happen. Also, Boulder is awesome as a city to visit, so I think that matters too. Prime is in an awesome place to live. Anyway, Travis Hunter is following his coach.
  • ... I mean... yeah he has a point.

Talk to you later, knuckleheads.