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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: Puzzling offense, good basketball and more!

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Porter Moser’s Sooners just made a statement in Orlando.

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What’s good?

Oklahoma won Bedlam last week. I can remember covering some epic games in my young journalism radio career in this matchup. Sooners and Cowboys always give something to talk about and honestly... I thought this was going to be the “holy cow how ugly was this game?” angle.

Which, don’t get me wrong, it was that.

Yet, as always it gives us more. Oklahoma’s quick start and then complete stall on offense is something we may never see again. As it was mentioned on the Oklahoma Radio broadcast, that was the most yards in a first quarter in Oklahoma history. Sooners were perfect on their first two drives and then capitilized on short fields for two other quick scores. I jokingly said to the person next to me that Oklahoma was on pace to score 224 points.

Next thing I knew, I woke up. I had been mugged. Someone stole my car keys and tied my hands together. Somehow I was in the desert and worried I could die of dyhydaration. As I sat up in the sand realizing I was looking at nothing but miles of desert I yell through my parched lips “I just need more yards!”

Yeah, I started typing that joke and realized halfway through it was going to land but I thought it would be funnier to leave it in. Whatever. The offense was bad. Really bad. But they won, for today I won’t make it anymore that that. Lets get into the links.

OU Links

  • Sooners’ next opponent had a big, bad, strong man playing defense for them, but he won’t be playing on Saturday. Texas Tech’s pass rusher Tyree Wilson will have season-ending foot surgery and out against the Sooners. He has also declared for the NFL draft. I wish him a good recovery but, Wanya Morris should be counting his lucky stars.
  • Berry Tramel’s report card has been sent home for the parents to overlook. This might be one where the Oklahoma offense forges the signature when they bring it back to school.
  • DaShaun White gets the send off he wants. I saw someone having the “is he a starter at the end of the year” conversation. He’s not only a starter but the most productive member of this defense, and also made the game sealing play to secure Oklahoma’s trip to a bowl game. Fitting end for a guy who has traveled a long road.
  • I put this down the list because, honestly, its a massive negative that no one wants to hear after a win like that .... this was alarming and a massive issue. Oklahoma has struggled with this all season in less public situations. It could be an issue again next year, but needs to be addressed.
  • Did someone say love? I think someone said love. Was it you? In the back? No? NO SERIOUSLY WHICH OF YOU DORKS SAID LOVE. Sorry, that was Michael Turk.

Anything else going on?

  • Hendon Hooker has torn his ACL. What awful news for an amazing season for a guy who has completely changed their development. Sad to see, Hooker’s evaluation at the next level will be intersting where he falls in the draft but man has he been fun to watch this year.
  • Illinois almost pulled off an upset this weekend against Michigan. Lots of plays make up wins and losses but good ole’ Brett Bielema wanted you to know about this one specifically. Woof.

Talk to you knuckleheads on Saturday!