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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: Sooners getting back on track?

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Sooners are now crawling towards .500 in conference play with a win over the Cyclones. Do we credit the defense?

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Iowa State Des Moines Register-USA TODAY Sports

What’s good? Happy belated Halloween, hope it was extra spooky for everyone. (And if you are wondering, my favorite candies are Reese’s Pieces and Sweet Tart Ropes).

Admit it, did you turn this song on first thing Sunday morning?

I would like to admit that I don’t think that “everything is alright” — context matters. However, Oklahoma had its best defensive performance in months. Eric Gray continued his hot streak on running over (or around) defenses. A lot to like, and if this team got to play Hunter Dekkers every week, I think that the Sooners might be the best defense in the Big 12. There lays the context...

So, what to take or make of it? Give Oklahoma credit for doing exactly what they were supposed to do. That is something that this team hasn’t done since Nebraska. However, we do need to admit that they didn’t take some huge “leap” forward. All is fair. I hope you read this as it is. Not a negative. Not a positive. A narrative punt.

OU Links:

  • Oklahoma’s offense wasn’t exceptional on Saturday. Frankly, with how good Iowa State’s defense is, that likely wasn’t in the cards. But, was the lack of game-changing plays a warning sign or sign of strength? Chapman lays out the case for the positive angle on it here.
  • Danny Stutsman has had a roller coaster of a year to say the least. Saturday he got the hero’s redemption arc that he wanted. Stutsman’s interception sealed the best defensive outing for this team in a month, as well as a win. Obviously these photos captured were amazing.
  • Jalil Farroq is growing up before our eyes. I have a six-month old at home and I don’t know if he has developed as much as Farooq has this season. Remember in week 1 when he didn’t have a catch? My have the times changed. Also, great point out here on Anton Harrison, who has lived up to the NFL billing this season.
  • This was obviously the play (and call) of the game on Saturday. I will admit that on my review of the rules.. I think this was illegal. It looks like it might have been a forward pass, and you can’t throw a forward pass from this “kneeled” position. All your favorite fake field goals of yesteryear? Laterals. However, still a gutsy call and a fun play.
  • THE 11AM IS BEHIND US.... until next week. OU plays West Virginia at 11 a.m. CT in Morgantown. Considering the location, I don’t think too many OU fans are upset.
  • Eli Lederman talked a little about momentum. As some mediocre radio host always says, it’s a hell of a drug.
  • Michelle Pak rocking the game winner. OU Soccer needs to be on your radar sooner rather than later. Don’t be the last one on the bus.

Anything else going on?

  • Lane Kiffin continues to own social media. Not the SEC. Not college football. He is to the little bird app to what Jimbo Fisher is to recruiting (Yes, that is an insult to both). I do, however, have to admit this got a pretty good laugh out of me live.
  • Best former Sooner in the NFL? Its Hurts. Don’t lie to yourself. Check out this dime and catch yesterday to AJ Brown. Did anyone see this type of play coming from Hurts when he was in Norman? His team in 7-0 on a 10 game regular season win streak. He has 2 turnovers this year and one was dropped pass that the offensive player tipped in the air. He is playing nearly flawless.

Talk to you knuckleheads on Friday.