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Oklahoma Sooners Football Sound-Off Thread: Year 1 of the Brent Venables Era

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The 2022 season has been a disaster, and this is a place to vent your frustrations.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

We’re all fuming after the Oklahoma Sooners’ 23-20 loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers. We’re all still fuming from the previous loss to the Baylor Bears. And the 49-0 loss to the Texas Longhorns. You get the picture.

Mind-boggling errors in judgement from both the players and the staff have our collective brain in a pretzel. The defensive front’s lack of “dudes” is troubling. The offensive line’s inability to pave the way for a one-yard gain on third or fourth down is just odd. The defense’s inability to come up with a play on fourth down is increasing our rate of alcohol consumption.

Let this serve as a place for all of us to sound off on all of this. Are we still confident in Brent Venables? Does he just need to get “his guys” on board, or are there deeper problems?

Can this staff keep this impressive recruiting class relatively intact? Losing Colton Vasek hurts, but that was never going to be a shock — not even if the Sooners were having a better season. There are rumblings of Anthony Evans flipping to Georgia, but again, that was never going to be a huge surprise. Can Venables and Co. stop it at that and add a few more pieces? If so, we can still feel optimistic for the future.

How do we feel about Jeff Lebby? There have been some bright spots, but it’s been a mixed bag at best. Will things improve once Jackson Arnold (presumably) takes the reins?

Give us all of your thoughts while still adhering to the community guidelines. There are no bad ideas. Actually, yes there are, but we still want to hear them. Okay, maybe we don’t, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Head on down to the comments.