T.J. Hockenson Was Good. But He Can Be Even Better.


You wouldn’t be wrong to be excited about T.J. Hockenson‘s nine-catch, 70-yard debut on the road against the Washington Commanders. With just four full days of preparation, Hockenson made an immediate impact on an offense that needed a shot in the arm. Examine below, his route running, blocking, and general athleticism came in handy for a Vikings offense that had little else going for it (save Justin Jefferson, of course). That’s all very encouraging, and it should absolutely be your main takeaway from Hockenson’s debut. This is not an article about all the things Hockenson did well, but that doesn’t mean that those things aren’t important. You probably already know about them. But Hockenson made a litany of mistakes in the Commanders game that held the offense back. I’ve identified six of them, and this article will explain what Hockenson’s assignments were and why he may have gotten mixed up.