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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: OU-Texas Eve Edition

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Can Oklahoma avoid an 0-3 start to conference play this week in Dallas? I don’t know how many corndogs I would wager on that.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Whats good?

Another Friday, but obviously this one is a little different. OU-Texas is a blast to cover and I really don’t we — even the fans who have attended forever — fully appreciate how special this event is every year. Excited for another one.

There’s so much uncertainty surrounding this game — from the standpoint of the OU starting QB position, all the way to who is starting on the backend of this struggling defense. I don’t think we will get that answer much longer than 90-ish minutes before game time, so it makes this game so hard to predict.

The Oklahoma Sooners find themselves with their backs against the wall. I don’t want to say this too loud.. but 0-3 in conference play is something that this 2023 recruiting class will hear about... and not from Oklahoma. Don’t let anyone tell you this game doesn’t matter. It does. The Sooners have capitalized on a great offseason of recruiting... nothing ruins that faster than a terrible season, and Oklahoma is knocking on that door.

No, this is not a siren. No, this is not a boy crying wolf. I am just telling you my perception — if this season keeps heading south, the Sooners could take a step back in the 2023 class, which absolutely matters.


  • Pete Thamel announced the biggest bit of news heading into this game. We will see Quinn Ewers, the mullet marvel himself, tomorrow. Texas brings in explosive skill position talent and an over-performing offensive line, but now get an upgrade at the most important position. I admit, coming into the year, I was a little hesitant on Ewers. However, that first quarter against Alabama made me admit that there is a really high ceiling with him. Is he a good, great, or elite QB at the college level? I have no idea, but his talent is apparent and I think he will have some success against a broken OU secondary.
  • Sometimes the question no one wants to ask is the only one worth asking. Berry Tramel does it here as only he can, throwing 102 over the middle of the plate. No one expected a top-20 defense this year from OU, but this? This is embarrassing no matter which way you slice it. Venables will take a public hit for his current title of defensive genius unless something changes, and soon.
  • Eli Lederman did some digging and spoke with one of my favorite people on the planet, Kelly Gregg. He looks into the past of this game and when things felt tilted like this prior, 1998 and what that felt like as a player at the time.
  • Parker Thune has reported that Shane Whitter is out for the year, which on the surface doesn’t scream panic... but OU fans should panic. Whitter provided depth for a unit that didn’t have much of it, and now OU is “incredibly don’t blow too hard it might tear” thin at a position group that has struggled. Bad news for BV, who already seemed frustrated by his lack of options.

Is anything else going?

  • Kansas is rebuilding. No, literally, they are rebuilding.
  • Uhhhh, presented without context. You guys out there need to drink a cool glass of water and calm down.

Talk to you knuckleheads on Monday.