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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: Where is this heading?

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Oklahoma loses to TCU. What is stirring about the latest Sooner’s loss?

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NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

What’s good?

That opening is aging like milk.

Look, I get it. Who wants to hear a loser like me pontificate about a football team?

Let’s get to pontificating.

The Oklahoma Sooners coaching staff has been preaching what since Brent Venables hiring? Toughness. Accountability. Leadership. Physicality.

I think we might need to consider that if you beg those things from those who don’t have it... these are the results you get. I know its a cop-out answer but it apprears to me that Oklahoma is likely running a defense and offense that maybe just isn’t in the cards for this roster.

That is not to shift blame from the coaching staff — actually quite the opposite. You have to know what you have. I think the Sooner fan base knows what they have. Brent is seeing and learning the lessons that maybe OU fans have known about this team from last year. They just are missing something.

Something lost long ago. Something that isn’t found underneath a stack of dusty cob web-covered papers. The roster likely needs to shift and change to represent what Venables is asking of it... but how long can Brent keep asking?

OU links

  • Teddy Legman hopped on to talk with Eddie Radosivch and Todd Lisenbee about the loss. Teddy answers some tough-to-know-now. He starts with the positives, thats right Teddy found some.
  • Hoover addresses how OU’s lack of physicallity is alarming, especially for considering how much it is asked for by this coaching staff. What did Brent have to say? What do we take from it?
  • OU and Kansas will be playing in Norman and it will start at 11am. That might be more normal than not this year with where the team stands right now. So buy a new alarm clock.
  • Oklahoma falls out of the top 25, and this weekend will be the first time since 1998 that OU and Texas will play while both are unranked. Oklahoma’s tumble sets the Sooners up as an underdog, as well.
  • I spoke about this on the postgame show I did for The Franchise. Here is my biggest “what in the holy hell are we talking about?” thing from Saturday. Look at these numbers. Seriously, look at them. Oklahoma’s offense has had stretches of great football but also THIS has shown up already before this game. However, with QB questions going forward and with the competition improving, I think this could be the part that nags the Sooners going forward.
  • Ugwoegbu on hit on Gabriel

Anything else going on?

Talk to you knuckleheads Friday.