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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: The Return of Dillon Gabriel

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Oklahoma Sooners get their first confrence win with the return of their QB.

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NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

What’s good?

What a difference a week makes. Was it perfect? Was it pretty? Nope.

WAS IT BETTER? Well, at least on offense. WHICH IS SOMETHING.

So you should take the dub and move on. Dillon Gabriel obviously made a major difference. The offense put up over 700 yards of offense and 52 points on the heels of the 0 point game against Texas. Which, transparently, makes last week even more notable, but I am not here to make you go through the mental gymnastics with which I live.

Oklahoma pulled itself up from the nose dive. It honestly can’t be overstated how ‘south’ things could of gone if they didn’t. We are talking about recruits being a concern for 2023. The portal being a concern right now. The coaching staff potentially looking for greener pastures and calmer waters.

But, 52-42, and it’s all moot. Winning is the best medicine you can take.

OU Links

  • I get it, there are frankly so many other storylines to take from this game. But, the number one thing that I think I took away? Goodness Oklahoma has some pass catching depth. Wease, Stoops, Freeman all feel like afterthoughts when you consider how good Mimms, Willis and Farooq have looked in the past three weeks despite all the offensive madness. Ryan Chapman digs into the WR room on All Sooners.
  • Joe Buettner shows you what I said for three hours Monday on my radio show. Eric Gray has been amazing. How amazing? Check this out below.
  • Welcome back to October. Its colder. Darker. The only time of the year I eat soup and every kickoff is at 11am again.
  • Obiously we had a few freshman find themselves on the field like Robert Spears-Jennings. Who are the young guys we should could keep circled for the remainder of the year? Lovelace (who I met for the first time this weekend) did the work for you.
  • Pro Football Talk reports that the Panther’s have informed Baker that it is no guartee that he will be the starter once he is fully recovered. That job will need to be earned. Baker’s revenge tour didn’t last long. Obviously he will always have a place in Norman but his NFL career might be winding down quicker than we thought.
  • However, Oklahoma did have some NFL guys GO OFF on Sunday. Rhomandre Stevenson might be like a guy ya know? OU Daily gives us a recap here.
  • Basketball season is just around the corner, so Porter Moser brought his beard to Kansas City for Big 12 Media Day.

Anything else going on?

Talk to you Friday, knuckleheads.