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Oklahoma Football Hot Links: DJ Graham back to WR, third down struggles continue, and more

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The Sooners look to get back above .500. Can they take down Kansas?

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What’s good?

I’ve been doing this for the past five years, but with Oklahoma Sooners football being my No. 1 job for the past three years, I still am a little green around the gills. Every so often something jumps up and surprises me, but nothing surprises me like the line of the game did.

Yes, I sat in my hotel room in Texas on Saturday night starring at my phone saying “Really, seven? Oklahoma after THAT is favored by seven?”... but ya know I talked myself off a ledge. Gabriel likely to return, offense improvement will fix some serious things for this team. However, must like a Jordan Peele movie, I didn’t see what would happen next.

The line climbed TOWARDS OU. I still can’t believe it. For Oklahoma to “meet expectations” in this one they need to be a tough as hell Kansas team by double digits. I am not one to put a ceilling on anyone. I try to only be someone who builds people up and adds joy, not steal it.

But what in the holy hell?

Yes, Oklahoma will be much, much better than they were this past week just because of the QB position. Let’s not get it twisted, though — KANSAS IS GOOD. Great? I don’t know, does anyone know right now that about anyone? But the Jayhawks can play. I won’t disrespect them like that. The Sooners shouldn’t either and neither should the fans.

Let’s get to some links.


  • Oklahoma annouces they have a uniform coming this week at home. I will allow Oklahoma to speak for themselves but I for one am very happy to see this hit the field on Saturday.
  • There has been a ton of coversation on leadership so far this year. Who has the reigns? Who is trying to lead team right? Bob Przyblo did a great write up on Brayden Willis and his effort to tackle leadership this season for this team.
  • If you have been following the scuttlebutt online you saw this coming. DJ Graham has officially flipped back to WR after a couple of seasons in the secondary. Interested to see if he hops some guys who we thought for sure would be a part of this offense this year.
  • Oklahoma has a first year coach. We all know it. Would Brent ever ask for help? No I dont mean advice, I don’t mean a shared beer. I mean help. Would Brent ever bring in Bob to practices or meetings? Help with the orginization? Guerin tackles that intresting thought there in the Tulsa World
  • Brent on Justin Broiles. Brought forward without context or comment.
  • If you asked me to write “what are the five biggest storylines for Saturday?” article like this one it would take me hours hours. Oh, I have to do that tomorrow? Maybe I can cheat off of Bob and just see if anyone notices? Nah probably a bad idea.
  • National media covering a localized sport is a recipie for disaster. However, sometimes it is good to know what the outside world sees when they look at your program or the program you cover. The Athletic national staff weighed in. How has the coaching performance inside the Big 12 gone so far?
  • John Shinn woke up this morning and chose violence. There is one question that I do think that everyone has thought but we do all assume is far too early to ask. But Shinn did. Is Brent Venables and his approach not a good head coaching match?
  • What does Oklahoma need to do to win? I KNOW I KNOW that question gets you to like 50 answers, Hoover, however, narrowed it down for you.
  • What is the thing I will be monitoring in this one? 3rd down. It’s critical for Oklahoma to improve on the most important downs in football. Ryan Chapman breaks down the math for this one and why this is so important.
  • Really a massive rumor I am throwing down here at the bottom but.. it’s because I don’t believe it. I really do think that this is a “story win” for Fox Sports and mostly a TV network asking for cash to make this go away. But who knows? You should decide for yourself.
  • The Big 12 preseason men’s basketball poll has dropped. I am in football mode and honestly have very little thougths on this at the moment.... I take that back. How does anyone have an opinion on Oklahoma right now? I have no clue if they are going to be any good. (For the record, the backcourt looks promising)

Talk to you in the morning, knuckleheads.