Oklahoma Football Hot Links: Wildcats come to town, David Hicks sets commitment date


The Oklahoma Sooners come back home this week to take on the Kansas State Wildcats. Does anyone have a fear of this team? In spite of last week’s result, I think you should. Kansas State presents an interesting problem that I will line out in the game preview later for you. From a little bit more of 30,000-foot view, the Sooners are playing their first conference game of the season with a late home kickoff. Does it get any sweeter than that? Now, tomorrow will be hot — mid-90’s most the day, but hopefully the late kick helps make it easier to handle during the game. The Sooners are going to need a packed house, and they’ll have just that. I think all this (gestures to the paragraph above) presents a perfect storm for a coming-out party. Seriously, an opponent that garners respect, a prime time game, a packed house.... and a game the Sooners could potentially win big. It’s all there. Now, I am not the chef here, obviously, just the guy reading the list of ingredients. It will be interesting to see if the Sooners can seize the opportunity.