The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 2021

The good, bad and ugly were spread out from week to week and person to person. A tremendous season of ups and downs. For example: Knowing we had such a good nucleus of players for 2021, plus being picked #2 in the country going in with the Heisman favorite leading the team. Then the "somethings off" starting at week one that left us scratching our heads. Every week we expected the team to turn the corner, or as Riley kept saying "we’re close". What’s ugly in all this was Riley’s lack of engagement and evasiveness in answering any pertinent question about what ails the team. What’s the UGLIEST in all this is that we TRUSTED Riley, and just KNEW he was trying his best. When all along, he was working with the powers at be at USC, and we didn’t even pay attention to the warning signs. Wow, were we fooled, huh? The unfamiliar gut-punch of HOW Riley left, taking most of the staff along with him and the best of the best 2022 and 2023 recruits. Thank God Stoops stepped in to help right the sinking shIp. There was no actual, comfortable, familiar-feeling of "good" throughout the season until we got Venables off the plane in Norman. Only then did a true feeling of "relief" come over Sooner Nation. The comforting, absolute THRILL of listening to his being announced as head coach, along with his subsequent, fiery, hope-filled speech that brought chills to every Sooner fan listening. What could have been a nightmare scenario in the 2022 early signing period, became a salvage job. The results were beautiful. Again, we should be grateful for Coaches Stoops, Gundy, Murray and Brent Venables MASSIVE closing efforts to sign the #9 2022 recruiting class in the country. Lastly, IF CW stays, nobody else hits the portal, taking into account what we saw from the twos and threes in the Alamo Bowl, and trusting that Bill Bedenbaugh will again build an impressive offensive line, OU should be okay heading into 2022. All in all, one of the rockiest "good, bad and ugly" years since Coach Switzer stepped down in 1989.

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