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Oklahoma Sooners Basketball: OU falters late (again) and falls to Texas, 69-65

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Kur Kuath provided a spark at the 12-minute mark, but OU was bitten by late-game execution once again.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Oklahoma Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma Sooners were clearly shorthanded in the matchup against Texas Longhorns big man Jericho Sims, and the tide clearly turned when center Kur Kuath was finally inserted into the game at the 12-minute mark. However, OU’s late-game execution was lacking once again, and it translated to a fourth consecutive loss. The 69-65 defeat knocks OU down to the No. 7 spot in the Big 12 standings.

Why Kuath was inserted so late is still a bit of a mystery. It was abundantly clear that he was going to be a necessary presence with the 6’10 Sims coming to the LNC, but Kruger decided to go with Victor Iwuakor when Brady Manek proved not to be up to the task. Kruger simply framed it as Iwuakor getting the first shot, but it just doesn’t quite add up when considering that Kuath is the only Sooner cut out to match up with him defensively.

Kuath has been rumored to be in the doghouse for quite some time, and that was never more evident than in the second Bedlam game. The fifth-year senior played two minutes in spite of the fact that the Sooners so sorely needed a rim-protector. No matter the circumstances, what’s readily apparent is that the decision to not give Kuath his due minutes is costing the Sooners down the stretch.

When he did enter the game, Texas’ interior advantage was all but neutralized — at least from a scoring standpoint.

However, Texas simply executed better offensively down the stretch, and the result was a fourth consecutive loss for the Sooners. As far as OU’s NCAA Tournament seeding is concerned, the team has so many quality wins up to this point that there really isn’t anything that can knock them down too far (other than perhaps a loss to Iowa State in Kansas City). Following tonight’s game, OU fell one line in Joe Lunardi’s updated bracketology, now sitting as a No. 6 seed.

This stretch has been rough for the team and OU fans alike, but as flawed as this team is, I still feel like it can win a game or two in the Big Dance if the chips fall the right way.