It's time to warm up Alex Grinch's seat after Kansas.

Let me first start by saying this does not mean I think he should be fired, nor that I don’t believe it can’t be fixed. But the game against Kansas was a defensive performance that would have made Mike Stoops blush. Injuries can explain a lot of the recent struggles, but this was well beyond injuries.

Our game plan was awful. We never spied the QB, we routinely had guys picking the wrong lane and/or being out of position to make plays. It appeared clear that whatever the game plan was- it was not communicated well, nor coached properly. Teddy Lehman broke it down much better than I ever could, but after listening to him point some of these things out that I hadn’t even noticed, the picture became clear. This was an atrocious coaching job. Players either aren’t getting the message/scheme, or Grinch isn’t even delivering it to them clearly (both are on him as the DC.)

This has been a trend for several weeks now, and one that appears to be devolving. The defense has seen a major regression this year, when last year it appeared to show so much promise. This cannot continue if Grinch is going to be the DC at OU much longer. With the move to the SEC looming, and the defensive talent picking up, we can’t afford to give Grinch unlimited latitude if the defense shows up unprepared and unfocused for the remainder of the season and into next season.

I think he’s earned another year (short of the Sooners losing the rest of their games this year), but his seat should be warm. We should expect improvement on defense in a major way. I’m hoping it comes over the course of the next few weeks. I believe Grinch is a good coach, but something has been amiss this year, and the Sooners can't afford to give him the Stoops treatment.

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