Oklahoma favored by nearly 40 points against Kansas

The season got off to a rough start. The Sooners were playing everybody close, just barley managing to squeeze their wins by. Since shifting to Caleb Williams though, this team has looked different.

The Sooners no longer look like the powerhouse ready to fall at any minute. No, now they're just a powerhouse looking to build momentum to gear up for a potential playoff run. The nice way to say this is, there's no better team to build momentum against than Kansas.


Oklahoma is a massive favorite to win this game. The Sooners are 38.5 point favorites to win the game, and the game is such a mismatch that oddsmakers aren't even putting moneyline odds on the game.

It's the first time that Oklahoma doesn't have moneyline odds against an FBS school this season.

Matchup History

Oklahoma and Kansas have played each other 111 times in their history. Oklahoma has won 78 of those games, and they've absolutely dominated Kansas this century.

Since 2000, Oklahoma has gone 16-0 with an average margin of victory of 30.3 points against Kansas. This hasn't been a rivalry as much as it's been a bloodbath. Not even one of those games was within 1 score.

So, it's no surprise oddsmakers are making Oklahoma a nearly 40 point favorite. They've earned that kind of respect.


Oklahoma should win this game big. If this game is anything other than a blowout it would be shocking. To be honest, Oklahoma needs it that way. They haven't really blown anybody out all year. Even in last week's 3 TD win over TCU they gave up 529 yards and 31 points.

Kansas offers an opportunity to thoroughly dominate an opponent and build momentum and confidence for the rest of the season. Of course, the flip side is that a close game or a loss could do irreparable damage to their confidence and momentum.

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