Dear College Football Playoff Committee

Please don't put Oklahoma in the playoff this year. I don't care if OU goes on and becomes a 1-loss conference champion like they have the past 3 years. I don't care if they're "the best of the rest." I assure you, they are not. OU has gotten away with losing games they had no business losing each of the last 3 years. No more. A team should not be rewarded for losing a game, especially not the way OU just lost. Do not let the Sooners back into the playoff until they have shown themselves to be truly worthy of it. Not just the least unworthy, but actually, truly worthy. This team is not worthy. The offensive line is horribly undisciplined, the defense is wildly inconsistent, and we have to rely on freshman QB, RBs, and WRs to pull us through (talented though they may be). This team should not be considered for a spot in the playoff, so please do not waste your time on us.


An OU fan

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