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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Players and coaches are stepping up when their voices are needed most

Players and coaches have voiced their opinions and offered their perspectives in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Additionally, I offer some of my own.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 06 Red River Showdown - Texas v Oklahoma Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

During the past week, massive public protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd have been held across the nation and beyond. With the topic of police brutality against African-Americans now reaching an all-time high, millions have come forward with their thoughts and feelings on matters of privilege, racial injustices and the systemic inequality from which these injustices were born.

Personally, as a multiracial, 27-year-old born and raised in the state of Oklahoma, I’ve come to understand the severity of these problems through my own lived experiences. Though I’ve never been the subject of police brutality, I’ve certainly experienced what it’s like to receive different treatment due to the color of my skin. I have been asked to leave my backpack behind the counter inside a store so I don’t use it to steal. I received harsher punishment in school for getting into the same kind of juvenile trouble as my white friends. I’m constantly told how articulate I am (which is not a compliment for a black man). These are instances that have always been normal to me, and it wasn’t until I went to OU that I realized normal doesn’t always mean acceptable.

In light of these conversations currently taking place, here are a number of statements recently made from Oklahoma Sooners coaches and players alike. As the faces of the flagship program for one of the most recognizable brands in collegiate athletics, it’s important that these student-athletes and leaders of men use the power of their platform to educate us all on these difficult issues from their own unique perspectives and experiences.

OU Coaches

Head coach Lincoln Riley:

Running backs coach DeMarco Murray:

Cornerbacks coach Roy Manning:

Outside linebackers coach Jamar Cain:

Inside wide receivers/tight ends coach Cale Gundy:

Offensive line coach Bill Bedenbaugh:

Inside linebackers coach Brian Odom:

OU Players

Redshirt junior safety Justin Broiles spoke to a crowd during a peaceful protest in Oklahoma City on Sunday.

Redshirt senior defensive back Chanse Sylvie graduated in December of ‘18 with a degree in political science and is currently pursuing a master’s in criminal justice. On Sunday, he shared some of his unique perspective and experiences, then provided his ideas for reforming policies for unlawful policing in America.

Sophomore WR Jadon Haselwood and redshirt freshman LB Jamal Morris were also in downtown Oklahoma City taking part in the peaceful protest on Sunday.

Also from Haselwood:

Senior cornerback Tre Brown:

Redshirt junior center Creed Humphrey:

Redshirt junior wide receiver Charleston Rambo:

Junior linebacker DaShaun White:

C&C Machine Staff

Kamiar Mehrabian, Contributor:

Seth Oliveras, Contributor:

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