College Football Risk is Back!

Hello fellow Sooners,

College Football Risk is an online version of the board game Risk where the various armies are replaced by College fanbases. Teams attack and defend similar to the board game, with each player performing only one action per day. Players have the ability to level up and become more effective during the course of play, this is done primarily by continued play. The full breakdown for how to play from the developers is here.

We are roughly 19 days into the game and now is a critical juncture in the game that could see ourselves or our arch rival, the University of Texas, eliminated! Teams have organized and work through discord to plan strategy and coordinate. Here is a link to OU’s discord. All it requires is a reddit account and clicking one button per day. Should you decide to go deeper into the rabbit hole, you could become more involved in leadership.

During this time of social distancing and separation, if you have found yourself with some extra time on your hands please join us at the Sooner Risk discord

Our strength through both iterations of this game has been our coordination and organization. It allows us to punch above our weight. Please join the discord and we can get you started.

You can also PM me and we can get you onboard with our team that way!

Thank you and Boomer Sooner!

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