Interesting article abut star rankings - Good reference point for recruit evaluations

So, I was looking around as I wanted a little context aound star ratings and the various services and how they use them

The take away for me is that getting 5 star recruits is great, but there aren't enough of them to spend my day worring about. 4 star recruits are what the great teams are really built on.

Of course it's all predicated on somebody's evaluation actually being accurate in some way. I'll still maintain that ratings are less about the recruiting services actually evaluating a player, and more about them seeing who is getting offers from the big dog programs... and there's a lot of validity to that as the big dog programs have shown the ability to evaluate...
However as we'll see in the draft every year, guys will be developed by teams other than the big dogs, and plenty that weren't 4 or 5 star.
I still believe the big key for a staff is having your own guys have a great evaluation eye, being great at development, and having the ability to recruit the guys you've identified.
As for the ability of most of the recruiting sites and their ability to evaluate talent and project it, I discount it quite a bit... if they're really good at evaluating, they're not gonna be long term on a recruiting website, they'll end up on a coaching staff payroll somewhere.

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