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Oklahoma Sooners Football - Big 12 Championship Message Board Meltdown Thread: Very Polite Iowa State Edition

We skimmed through the ISU message boards following Oklahoma’s sixth consecutive Big 12 title. It was fun.

NCAA Football: Big 12 Championship-Oklahoma at Iowa State Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After an early afternoon of exciting football at JerryWorld for the Big 12 title, I thought it would be fun to look back on the message boards of the opposing fan base to see how they were taking it. What awaits you below the dividing line in this post are some of the best reactions of Iowa State Cyclone fans (chronologically via Wide Right Natty Lite and as they watched their team lose to Lincoln Riley and the Oklahoma Sooners in the rematch of the first game in Ames, Iowa. I already knew how nice Iowa State fans were — but after reading these, they’re super nice people.

LET’S GET IT. (Note: Spelling errors are theirs, not ours)

  • Is Lee Corso having a stroke live on air? I can’t understand a word he says
  • Didn’t take the refs long to show their stripes.
  • Iowa should come out with all red uniforms for next season. These all blacks don’t make any sense.
  • Here we fucking go. Total bull shit.
  • Texas fan here. I come in peace. Crap targetting call, ou sucks, and go ISU!!!
  • this game sucks already
  • Hell of a pass into triple coverage, boomer making plays early
  • Wide right! Drink!
  • I’m still drinking coffee, but what the hell. Drink I must.
  • Oy.
  • 43 yards is doable but in a dome? Conner couldn’t practice that part of it
  • Lol kill me
  • Frank, are you watching this game? it is time
  • WE’ve had Ass for luck and only down 7
  • Starting to worry now.
  • Wow, that punter is a pansy
  • Any score this half and starting second with ball will be okay with me.
  • UT fan? Fuck off! UT is as much of the Big 12 problem as OU.
  • boomer is good, yes. but never forget. they still suck
  • refs deserve to be punched in the face
  • Bad decision by Brock. Woof
  • No matter what happens, I love this team.
  • Love Coach Campbell’s fire
  • So... attempted murder is 15 yards now. Good to know.
  • Almost ripped his damn head off!
  • Backs against the wall, officials crooked as ever, a turnover, and now points on the scoreboard
  • I have sadness
  • Ima keep painting. These fumes are making the first half more palatable. If the 2nd half goes this way, I may resort to huffing at this point.
  • OU better hope they have scored enough to handle whats coming in the 2nd half.
  • Rattler is punking out under the bright lights, practiced his TD dance just for this game
  • Suck that Rattler
  • Game the fuck on
  • penalty on the boomer, what is happening
  • Tech fan here common guys I really want ya’ll to win this one!
  • Giggity.
  • feed Breece
  • I have chewed my gum to a powder and it’s in a ring around my mouth
  • Need a turnover here...
  • Special teams fucked us in the ass
  • That Brown dude is quick, real quick but fucked in the ass, again
  • He’s like the other brown guy they had that plays for the ravens
  • I;m gonna throw up
  • 70 yards
  • boomer falling apart
  • Fuck, offense is moving the wrong way, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck
  • A game that could have been won with a few better plays, great second half effort
  • Great season.
  • Hot take. ISU wins with Isheem Young
  • Not much of a gap between Oklahoma and ISU. That’s an amazing amazing thing to type
  • Lol, moral victories are for losers.
  • I can’t believe this ******* thread. We played like crap.
  • You’re happy with thst ending????? Loser
  • You could tell we were a little star struck in the first half.
  • No more undefeated black uniforms :(
  • If being in a conference championship and having a look at the playoffs is our ceiling then sign me up for it every year.

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