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Oklahoma Football - Oklahoma State Message Board Meltdown Thread: “Is Les Miles available?”

We skimmed through the OSU message boards following Oklahoma’s Bedlam victory. It was fun.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After an evening of exciting football in Norman, I thought it would be fun to look back on the message boards of the opposing fan base to see how they were taking it. What awaits you below the dividing line in this post are some of the best reactions of Oklahoma State Cowboys fans (chronologically via, Pistols Firing Blog and as they watched their Pokes lose to Lincoln Riley and the Oklahoma Sooners yet again. I do want to point out that at the time of collection, a new thread began: “What would you like to see in a new Head Coach?”. Yep, things seem to be going well!

LET’S GET IT. (Note: Spelling errors are theirs, not ours)

  • Put em’ in a Body Bag
  • Turn them into a newt.
  • How many Sooners does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three. One to screw in the new bulb and two to sit around and talk about how bright the old one was.
  • Did Alex Hale injure himself in pregame?
  • Trick plays and weird misdirections the only way they can get down the field when you add in the holds and blocks in the back.
  • Don’t understand how you come out this flat in a rivalry game.
  • Well...s#!t.
  • At least we don’t have our hopes up to be cruelly crushed.
  • I have faith in knowles...gundy??? Well.....
  • They are one million times more fired up than us. This is going to be a slaughter.
  • Embarrassing
  • Spencer Sanders is freaking horrible!!
  • gundy sucks. Sooners bitch strikes again.
  • I expected us to at least compete.
  • Gundy has to go.
  • Well, let’s just go take a look-see at the Liberty game
  • Illingworth doing a Daxx Garman. Just throwing it deep and hoping.
  • No, we’re a golf school. Pat Jones said so
  • OU needs to hit one deep and put us out of our misery
  • Does weeden have any eligibility left
  • Joe Montana could not be successful behind this offensive line.
  • Things never change.
  • Spencer coming back. Good
  • I even went to Walmart to miss some of this crap.
  • Gundy will go down in OSU history as the best coach we’ve ever had and the absolute worst at bedlam
  • Hire fucking jenks he doesn’t fold against ou like gundy
  • Unfortunately, we are all losers.
  • Is Les Miles available?
  • Not a fan of that decision to punt
  • Gundy is so dumb
  • Gundy post-game presser: “Well, we thought we had a good game plan going in, but they made plays and we didn’t. We started to adjust and it was working, but then our injuries just became too difficult to overcome. We’ve got to do a better job of coaching. Wait til next year!”.
  • They’re pulled our pants down and paddled us on national television. And Mike doesn’t seem to even care. Sad. Truly sad.
  • Goodnight folks. This one was embarrassing.
  • I am 42 and I have finally accepted the fact that we begin every year 0-1. I have zero faith in Gundy getting it done against OU. It made watching this garbage tonight much easier. Gundy mailed it in years ago.
  • Let’s get that trash TD
  • The worst coaching call of Gundy’s career was not hiring Lincoln Riley.
  • Look at how excited Riley is. Gundy looks like a fence post with a dumbass haircut
  • I heard Jason Garrett and Mike Gundy vacation together.
  • Watching “Bedlam” is like watching a fat stripper, you really should just look away, maybe even leave the the room and go to Waffle House and pretend like you didn’t see it.
  • Iowa State has to be looking at our debacle and asking themselves “ how did we lose to those guys?”
  • Heart and sole has been missing from this team since summer.

Some Social Media posts from Saturday’s Victory:

Yep, I’m plugging myself on this one. No shame in my game.