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Oklahoma Sooners Football - Bedlam Q&A with Cowboys Ride For Free: Spencer Sanders, the Oklahoma State defense and more!

Also, could Bryant “Big Country” Reeves beat up a horse?

Iowa State v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State Cowboys are set to face off in the lopsided series known as Bedlam, so here to preview OU’s opponent is Micah Allen of Cowboys Ride For Free. She tells us about Tylan Wallace’s status, describes the fan base’s feelings regarding Spencer Sanders, breaks down the offensive line and gives an observation on Bryant ‘Big Country” Reeves.

You can also check out this week’s podcast, which features Joel Penfield (also of Cowboys Ride For Free).

Tylan Wallace will surely play, but do you expect him to be in any way limited on Saturday?

Maybe a little.... Honestly, I don’t think we ever really knew what the extent of his injury was. We over at CRFF were under the impression that he could have played against Kansas State but stayed out as a precaution. After a bye week he should be at like 90 percent at the lowest. I think he’ll be full-on on Saturday.

Spencer Sanders is obviously immensely talented, but how is the OSU fan base feeling about him at this point? Do his turnover issues give fans a desire to see a bit of Shane Illingworth?

They’re sick of the turnovers. They also critique the fact that he tends to lock in on plays and if its not there he freezes. Yes, I see a lot of “OMG turnover put in Shane!” on the Twitters.

Oklahoma State’s offensive line experienced a considerable amount of unexpected attrition this offseason, and the unit has understandably struggled as a result. Which areas of the offensive line are a strength at this point, and where are its most glaring weaknesses?

The biggest strength I would say is Tevin Jenkins. He’s holding on what little of the offensive line is left right now. He’s gonna be playing on Sundays soon. So, I think the biggest weakness is no-one has stuck in one place all season. It’s been a continuous game of musical chairs. When that happens it’s hard for the o-line to get settled and gel as a unit. The youth is also an issue for the same reasons.

Speaking of the offense, the Cowboys clearly aren’t struggling at the skill positions. We all know about Sanders, Wallace and, of course, Chuba Hubbard, but who else has stood out in 2020?

L.D. Brown has had a coming out party this season. It’s been a delight to watch! I think he’s taken the bull by the horns in his last season in a Cowboy uniform. It’s been nice to have a person that can produce for you when Chuba needs a break as well. I just have been like “Where was this grown-ass man the past three years”. He kinda started this development last season but it’s great it’s continue.

Defensively, Jim Knowles’ unit doesn’t seem to have many weaknesses. With that in mind, what would you say is the group’s biggest area of strength?

The backfield. Tre Sterling and Kolby Harvell- Peel have been bringing the heat. Let’s hope KHP is ready for Saturday. Overall, I think the strength of this unit is it’s age. They’re mostly guys that have been on this team for three years or more. When you have that, the guys get it. They know eachother and how to work well together as a unit really well. I think in his third year as well, Knowles is coming into his own and doing what he wants to do on defense with all his guys.

Sticking with the defense, which particular player should OU fans be keeping an eye on this Saturday?

Imma say Trace Ford. The Edmond Santa Fe product is good my friends. I would say watch for him to try to lay some pressure on Spencer Rattler.

What’s your go-to bar on The Strip?

College Bar and if you don’t just hang out there all night and chill you’re wrong. I’m 24 about to be 25. I need to just chill and vibe when I go out drinking, and College Bar is perfect for that.

What’s your go-to order at Coney Island?

Chili Dog and tots. But if we’re being totally honest, I’m more of a Dirty Curty person. They both make a mean chili dog though.

Who would win in a fight – Bryant “Big Country” Reeves or a horse?

I think they Reeves would win because he would just hop on the back of the horse. I’m pretty sure he owns a ranch somewhere so he’s gotta know horsemanship right?

Please say one nice thing about OU.

I hate you for asking this question lol. I grew up with an older brother who went to Texas and then I chose OSU. I might spontaneously combust. The University of Oklahoma has a decent law school, I suppose.