LSU vs OU and LSU vs Clemson - The Comparison

OU fans take note. Remember how most people said that OU was a bust after the beating they took against LSU in the CFP Semifinal game in the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl. LSU 68 - OU 28, LSU states: Passing - 532 yards, Rushing - 160 yards, Total Yards: 692 yards. OU States: Passing - 225 yards, Rushing - 97 yards, Total Yards: 332 yards.

Now compare Clemson vs LSU in the CFP Championship game in the SuperDome. LSU 42 (could have been at least 14 more points if LSU wasn't trying to run the clock out in the 4th quarter), Clemson 25, LSU Stats: Passing: 463 yards. Rushing - 165 yards, Total yards: 638 yards. Clemson stats: Passing - 235 yards, Rushing: 160 yards, Total yards: 395 yards.

OU scored 7 points in each quarter while Clemson scored 7 in the 1st quarter, 10 in the 2nd quarter, 8 in the 3rd quarters and 0 in the 4th quarter. OU had a total of 332 yards while Clemson has a total of 395 yards. So if you look at the numbers OU was almost as good against LSU as Clemson was. LSU had 692 yards against OU and 638 yards against Clemson. Let's face it, LSU was just a much more dominating team for the 2019 season and deserves to be ranked number one!

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