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Oklahoma Sooners Football stays at No. 4 in SB Nation FanPulse Poll following Week 2

Oklahoma was able to hold off LSU in the national poll.

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NCAA Football: South Dakota at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Following an easy win over South Dakota, the Oklahoma Sooners were able to hold off LSU and stay put at No. 4 in this week’s SB Nation FanPulse rankings. Sixty-six of the NCAA team brands fan bases voted to create this week’s Top 25, and here’s what the data tells us:

Here’s how Oklahoma fans voted in this week’s poll:

  1. Clemson
  2. Alabama
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Georgia
  5. LSU
  6. Ohio State
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Florida
  9. Michigan
  10. Auburn
  11. Utah
  12. Texas
  13. Penn State
  14. Washington
  15. Texas A&M
  16. Oregon
  17. UCF
  18. Wisconsin
  19. Michigan State
  20. Iowa
  21. Washington State
  22. Iowa State
  23. Maryland
  24. Mississippi State
  25. Army

Here are the notable variations between the OU poll and the national poll:

  • The fans once again had Oklahoma ahead of the Georgia Bulldogs, who rank third nationally.
  • Oklahoma fans bumped Army back into their top 25 following the Black Knights’ narrow loss at the Big House. If any fan base respects what that team is capable of, it’s OU fans. Unsurprisingly, Michigan fans also included them in their top 25.
  • As far as Michigan is concerned, OU fans have them one spot higher than their national ranking. Yes, we can all relate to Saturday’s struggles.
  • OU fans dropped Texas to No. 12, while the national poll has them at No. 11. Conversely, OU fans slotted the Iowa State Cyclones one spot higher than their national ranking.

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