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Oklahoma Sooners Football: The reactions to Jalen Hurts’ postgame comments are disappointing

Jalen Hurts is being characterized as ‘disappointed’ following the 49-31 win vs the Houston Cougars.

NCAA Football: Houston at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Following the 49-31 victory over the Houston Cougars on Sunday evening, the Oklahoma Sooners’ quarterback, Jalen Hurts, has been characterized as ‘disappointed’.

Hurts’ comments following the game blew up across the national scene, and some fans in the Crimson & Cream didn’t take his words too kindly. Some characterized him as being too short with the media, some mentioned his lack of happiness after a win was concerning, and lastly, some were worried about how his so called ‘negative attitude’ would impact the locker room.

The last aforementioned question made me reflect upon the possibilities of the football season, but nothing is wrong with the way Jalen reacted. Nothing is wrong with his words. And lastly, nothing is wrong with the way he carries himself after a record-setting day. What’s wrong is the widespread sentiment that immediately followed Jalen’s post-game interview after setting a Sooner record for a debut. ‘Jalen Hurts is disappointed in what took place on Sunday evening in Norman, Okla.’ seemed to be the sentiment that rang loudly out of the confines of the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium soon after Dana Holgorsen threw in the white towel.

After one full season and two offseasons of people doubting his talent at Alabama, people got a look at what Hurts can do in a Lincoln Riley offense while being a student of a new type of offensive game — it’s clear he’s still learning. However, a coach’s son from San Antonio, Texas becomes a disciple of Nick Saban and took over the Alabama team as a true freshman, unseated the established Blake Barnett and led his team to the National Title game against Clemson while also earning several awards along the way.

During his sophomore season, he reeled off an even better series of performances, his game more refined, the Tide got revenge against Clemson in the semifinal and made it back to the national title game against Georgia. After a half of little to no movement from other side, Jalen was benched in favor for true freshman Tua Tagovailoa, who would of course go on to win the game vs Clemson.

During his junior season at Alabama, there was tension in the air as far as any quarterback competition and his frustrations were known:

The most impressive part of his junior campaign was when Tua Tagovailoa was not up to snuff for the SEC Title Game vs the Georgia Bulldogs. Jalen entered in as Superman-type figure and led a comeback victory to secure a spot in the CFP.

Flash forward to Oklahoma’s game against Houston in Norman this past Sunday evening— Jalen Hurts, disappointed? No, that’s what some decided to pinpoint; the Sooner Captain is not disappointed, he is unsatisfied. Losing a title game, getting there the next year and having the true joy of winning it stripped from you combined with no communication regarding your spot on the team the following season will teach a man several things, ESPECIALLY when one plays for Nick Saban.

Jalen Hurts is unsatisfied, not disappointed. He transferred to Oklahoma to become a better quarterback, but to also close out his chapter of college football on top. He has been to the mountaintop of college football several times and he knows the obstacles in place to truly become the best. Disappointment suggests that one is not happy with their situation. Dissatisfaction suggests that one may not be happy with something (such as a performance), but understands the process and dedication it takes to become something greater.

Jalen Hurts is not disappointed in setting a record at The University of Oklahoma while beating Houston, he is unsatisfied because his ultimate goal is to win a national championship. He is the definition of a leader and the ultimate person any coach would want as a leader of their team.