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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: 11 OU teams included on ESPN list of 150 greatest teams in college football history

Also, make sure to catch this week’s podcast episode, which includes Kirk Herbstreit talking about Lincoln Riley.

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Happy Tuesday, friends and fans!

ESPN released its list of the 150 greatest college football teams of all time, and the Oklahoma Sooners were featured 11 times. For perspective, Nebraska came up six times (including the No. 1 team from 1971), and Texas is credited with four of the best teams.

Here’s where the OU teams stand:

9. 1956

14. 1974

19. 1955

25. 2000

31. 1971

32. 1985

37. 1949

44. 1975

47. 1972

48. 1954

55. 1973

I thought it was interesting that the voters went with Bud Wilkinson’s 1956 OU squad as the greatest Sooners team over Barry Switzer’s 1974 group. It’s debatable, even among Oklahoma fans, but it’s hard to be upset about either choice getting the nod over the other.

Some other interesting nuggets I noticed were how the 2018 Clemson Tigers that went 15-0 are already ranked 5th all-time. Looking back at how dominant that team was last season is definitely impressive though, so I don’t have too much of an issue there. Also, I find it funny how Oklahoma State’s 1945 team didn’t make the list after retroactively accepting the national championship Army claimed for 70 years. In fact, not only will you find that Army team on this list, you’ll also find the 1945 Alabama team, too. Not a good look for the Cowboys. Now please give that false natty back, ya Pokes.

Without further ado, let’s get into today’s Hot Links! The time zone difference will present a unique challenge for Oklahoma at UCLA, ‘horse girl’ disturbs us all, KD is still a sorry, salty snake and more!

OU Links

  • Sooner fans, you’re definitely going to want to check out this week’s edition of the Oklahoma Breakdown Podcast. Jack and Kamiar were joined by a very special guest — the one and only Kirk Herbstreit! The longtime college football analyst talked about Jalen Hurts’ mission, Lincoln Riley’s potential move to the NFL, his unshaken confidence in Texas after losing to LSU and also expounded on his Allstate Mayhem Moment segment on Saturday nights. Later in the pod, the guys also caught up with Dimitri Dorlis from Bruins Nation to preview the UCLA game. Heads up, this episode does contain some NSFW language.
  • For the second week in a row, an Oklahoma player is honored with Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week. Last time it was Kenneth Murray, but this time it’s Brendan Radley-Hiles. Alex Grinch is already making a difference with this group and the season is still young.
  • Speaking of Grinch, as Caleb McCourry from the OU Daily reports, he recently spoke about the emergence of true freshman cornerback Jaden Davis and the history that ties he and Roy Manning to UCLA head coach Chip Kelly.
  • Oklahoma is currently on a 20-game winning streak in true road contests, but that will be put to the test for the first time in 2019 this Saturday. One of the factors that has Lincoln Riley’s attention is the two-hour time difference on the west coast. OU Insider’s Joey Helmer has more.
  • The annual visit from the Special Spectators happened this weekend as Oklahoma hosted South Dakota, and the smiles on everyone’s faces tells you all you need to know about how important this tradition is. What a phenomenal day for these incredible young people.
  • Clemson grad transfer safety Austin Jackson has announced his retirement from playing football months after enrolling at Oklahoma. Although it didn’t last long, once a Sooner, always a Sooner. Good luck, Austin!
  • Oklahoma has the best mixture of fans. You’ve got pork rinds and a nap guy, horns down in Austin on College GameDay guy, and now horse girl. I want to know how she does it, but also, I don’t.

Around the Sports World

  • Kevin Durant aka the greatest snake of all time aka the only serpent with a jump shot recently opened his mouth again for a piece with the Wall Street Journal, and with his forked tongue he cried about not feeling welcomed by the OKC Thunder fans and organization after he packed his bags for Golden State. Now he’s in Brooklyn, but he clearly hasn’t learned from his slithery ways.
  • After LSU coaches and players complained about the conditions in the visiting locker room at Texas, Longhorn AD Chris Del Conte released a statement denying such allegations. Seems like the kind of petty thing UT would concoct, or maybe I’m just not a fan of that entire bunch down there.
  • Alabama’s president and AD released a joint statement expressing their displeasure with the early kickoff time scheduled for this weekend’s game against Southern Miss. After the last couple seasons, folks around Norman don’t want to hear your crying. Hush up, y’all.
  • NBA big man Enes Kanter is now with the Boston Celtics, but before the season begins, he’s taking care of a little title business in the WWE. These crossovers are always hilarious, but Kanter could honestly be a really great heel in the ring.

Stick to Sports!

  • ‘Sea of Thieves’ is an online video game, and to preview its latest update, gaming developers live-streamed their preview on YouTube with a monkey named Antonio. Well, Antonio wasn’t feeling very good, and he let everybody know that by upchucking all over community video manager Jon McFarlane. Sorry Jon, but thanks for being a good sport and letting us laugh at your expense.

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