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Oklahoma Sooners Football: OU releases depth chart ahead of season opener against Houston

The freshman wide receivers are featured prominently on offense, while there are still some ongoing battles on defense.

Iowa State v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

After Lincoln Riley and the communications staff pulled the old eyeball trick in Monday’s game notes, the Oklahoma Sooners now have a depth chart for the season opener against Houston.

At the bottom, I’ve typed out the chart for those who aren’t trying to squint or find your reading glasses. You’re welcome, Baby Boomers!

(Note: With the exception of special teams, all of the players listed as “OR” are in alphabetical order)

Some things that stand out:

  • Jalen Redmond will indeed start the season with his hand in the dirt at the tackle position. If need be, he could perhaps move to the RUSH position, but for now that’s a battle between JMT and Bonitto.
  • Kenneth Mann is absent from the depth chart, which is due to his continued recovery.
  • The WILL situation is the most interesting, because the assumption throughout the offseason was that it was all but White’s spot.
  • After a late run from Jordan Parker and some of the young guns, senior Parnell Motley appears to have staved off the competition (for now, at least).
  • The safety positions are no surprise, but the battle at nickel appears to be ongoing after a good fall from Sylvie.
  • The starting offensive line is about what was expected, with the potential exception of Proctor not grabbing one of the two guard jobs. Hayes appeared to be close to a shoe-in (he is a BEAST) but credit to Robinson for showing enough to lock down a spot as a redshirt sophomore. #SoonerSquad17 is out in full force.
  • The freshman wide receivers are the real deal, as Charleston Rambo appears to have been unable to fully hold off Bridges and Haselwood. Wease also appears to be a legit candidate for a decent number of snaps, as one would think he’d eventually be able to overtake AD Miller in the pecking order.
  • Brayden Willis seemed like the call at H-Back, but it would appear that neither he nor Hall have done enough to lock it down. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of both.
  • The fact that a place kicker hasn’t separated himself is a tad unsettling. I’m sure both Sutherland and Brkic will get crack over the next two weeks.



Erik Swenson

Finley Felix


Marquise Hayes

RJ Proctor


Creed Humphrey

Ian McIver


Tyrese Robinson

Brey Walker


Adrian Ealy

Finley Felix

WR - X

CeeDee Lamb

AD Miller OR

Theo Wease

WR - H

Nick Basquine

Mykel Jones

Drake Stoops

WR - Y

Grant Calcaterra OR

Lee Morris

Austin Stogner

WR - Z

Trejan Bridges OR

Jaden Haselwood OR

Charleston Rambo


Kennedy Brooks OR

Trey Sermon

TJ Pledger


Jalen Hurts

Tanner Mordecai

Spencer Rattler


Jeremiah Hall OR

Brayden Willis



Ronnie Perkins

Marcus Stripling OR

Isaiah Thomas


Neville Gallimore

Dillon Faamatau OR

Marquise Overton


Jalen Redmond OR

LaRon Stokes

Kori Roberson


Kenneth Murray

Levi Draper OR

Bryan Mead


Ryan Jones OR

DeShaun White

Brian Asamoah


Nik Bonitto OR

Jon-Michael Terry

David Ugwoegbu


Brendan Radley-Hiles OR

Chanse Sylvie

Jeremiah Criddel


Parnell Motley

Jaden Davis OR

Miguel Edwards


Delarrin Turner-Yell

Robert Barnes OR

Woodi Washington


Patrick Fields

Rober Barnes OR

Justin Broiles


Tre Brown

Jordan Parker

Special Teams


Calum Sutherland OR

Gabe Brkic


Reeves Mundschau

Calum Sutherland


Calum Sutherland OR

Gabe Brkic


Kasey Kelleher

Clayton Woods


Connor McGinnis

Spencer Jones