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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Another list of all-time program rankings, the OU linebackers, and more!

Also, Bookie’s relationship with freshman Jeremiah Criddell goes way back.

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How’s it going, everyone?

After Sports Illustrated released it’s terribad all-time college football program rankings earlier this week (among other very wrong lists), ESPN recently did the same. However this time, the Oklahoma Sooners aren’t tabbed as the 10th best program, but rather the No. 4. None of these rankings really mean much, but at least you can tell this one was done with a lick of research.

At the bottom of the rankings in the article you can find the formula for how this ranking was reached. Transparency goes a long ways in matters such as these, and given the explanation, I can live with OU at No. 4. Still, I think it’s wrong to undersell the years before 1969 (50 years ago) as much as this formula does. If the algorithm weighed all seasons evenly in the modern era (post WWII), the Sooners would be no lower than second, and could certainly be at the very top.

One thing ESPN got right for sure — Tennessee is not greater than Oklahoma. Not by any measure this sport has. Just nope. Sorry not sorry, Vols, and take notes, SI.

Now onto today’s Hot Links! Jalen Hurts is one of the most interesting NFL QB prospects, Baker Mayfield could potentially make his way onto some all-time lists, Conor McGregor continues to live up to his ‘Notorious’ nickname and more!

OU Links

  • Outside linebackers coach Ruffin McNeill is entering his third season at Oklahoma, and he believes in the philosophy Alex Grinch is installing on defense. He also discussed how the younger, more unproven LBs are coming along as the start of the season approaches.
  • Check out inside linebackers coach Brian Odom talking about the improvement he’s seen from his players since he arrived in the spring to where they are now in fall camp. He also spoke about what makes junior LB Kenneth Murray so valuable to the team.
  • Brendan “Bookie” Radley-Hiles spoke with the media earlier this week and was asked about freshman safety Jeremiah Criddell. The two of them go way back, and their bond starts at a level deeper than playing on the same football fields.
  • According to the folks over at Sporting News, Oklahoma’s non-conference slate features two games that would fall within the top 10 of all out-of-conference contests across the nation. Not bad, especially if Houston and UCLA turn out to be good teams.
  • OU Insider’s RJ Young took a crack at naming the starting 11 on defense. There’s no doubt that this group has the potential to be solid. Once again, it’ll all come down to how well the coaches can implement their system and how well the players can execute their roles.
  • Which tier of NFL QB prospects does Jalen Hurts fit in right now? When it comes to the 2020 NFL Draft, there will be plenty of big name college signal callers at or near the top of the board, and the former Alabama quarterback could potentially find himself in that mix with an outstanding year at Oklahoma.
  • Is Baker Mayfield truly on track to threaten the all-time NFL passing records? Which other young QBs could also find themselves at the top of the mountain when it’s all said and done?
  • In case you missed it, Allen Kenney took a closer look at Brendan Radley-Hiles and why the sophomore DB could finally find some success on defense after a lackluster 2018. Now that Alex Grinch and Roy Manning have taken over the Sooners’ secondary, ‘Bookie’ could legitimately break out this fall.

Around the Sports World

  • With Ohio State attempting to trademark the word ‘The’, the Buckeyes’ rival up north had a little fun with the highly self-absorbed move. Check out the University ‘Of’ Michigan. Nicely done.
  • A video has surfaced of what appears to be UFC mogul Conor McGregor striking another man inside a Dublin, Ireland establishment. Heads up, you may find the video disturbing to watch.
  • After dealing with an injury throughout the majority of the 2019 NBA Playoffs, Demarcus Cousins is starting off his Los Angeles Lakers stint with a possible knee injury, ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski reports.
  • Two British triathletes were disqualified in Tokyo after crossing the finish line while holding hands. It might sound a bit harsh, but there is in fact a rule in place that prohibits such actions, so I get it. Still, it’s lame.
  • Never change, Mike Leach.

Stick to Sports!

  • The popular yet controversial book series of ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ was highly challenged by concerned parents in the 90s, but has anything changed in the last 20-plus years now that a film version is in theaters?

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