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2019 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown to Kickoff | 66 Days!

On the opening play of his first start as a Sooner, Kyler Murray did a very Kyler Murray thing.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another exciting edition of our 2019 Countdown to Kickoff! As of today, there are 66 days remaining until the Oklahoma Sooners open the upcoming season against Houston on September 1st. For today’s episode, I want to take a quick trip down memory lane, when Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray unconventionally received the first start of his OU career. What he did on his first play was something truly special.

On November 25, 2017, third-year starter Baker Mayfield had lost the privilege to start against West Virginia after being caught grabbing his package at Kansas the weekend prior. Enter back-up QB Kyler Murray.

For Murray, seeing the field was nothing new for him, even as the back-up. In just about every contest in 2017, he saw reps in either end-of-game, close-out type scenarios or special offensive packages drawn up by Riley. The only difference this time was that he would receive the first snap of the contest instead of a much later one.

So what did Kyler Murray do with this opportunity? He made the most of it. One correct read and 66 yards later, the crowd went wild and the Mountaineers went ‘Oh no, here we go again’.

Murray’s speed and quickness were on complete display all in one go. Even with a pre-existing understanding of his skillset, watching him take off down the field and elude defenders was a sight to behold and a moment to remember. Following his electrifying run, Rodney Anderson would seal the deal with a four-yard rushing touchdown just one play later.

Fortunately for Oklahoma, this run would not go down as his longest, nor his most clutch, but every superstar’s first game-breaker is always special and should be commemorated as such.

Now let’s cover any days we missed since our last countdown post:

67 Days! - A Heisman worthy moment for Kyler Murray

Although it resulted in a loss to rival Texas, Kyler Murray’s 67-yard touchdown run during the Sooners’ fourth quarter rally became a signature moment of the season for his 2018 Heisman Trophy campaign.

After trailing by as many as 21 with just over half of the fourth left to play, Murray took his game to the highest level and led Oklahoma on three consecutive scoring drives. This scintillating spring down the sideline was the second of said drives, and it caught the college football world’s undivided attention.

Two turnovers by Murray earlier in the game led to the vast deficit, but if it weren’t for his clutch, late-game heroics, the final margin would have looked a lot worse. Fortunately, K1 was able to redeem himself fully in the Big 12 Championship Game two months later with a phenomenal and victorious performance over the only team to best him during the regular season.

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