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2019 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown to Kickoff | 75 Days!

Kyler Murray made the longest rushing touchdown of his college career look easy.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to yet another edition of our 2019 Countdown to Kickoff series! If you’re growing bored with this offseason, you won’t have to worry about that much longer, because there are 75 days left until the Oklahoma Sooners return to the gridiron!

For today’s installment, I want to take a short rewind back to last November, when eventual Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray scored the longest rushing touchdown of his career.

In the final home game of the 2018 season, Oklahoma found itself in an unexpected high-scoring affair against the Kansas Jayhawks. If OU’s defense wasn’t going to contain KU’s run game, OU’s offense needed its stars to be stars. Of course, there are none more stellar than Kyler Murray.

The call for QB draw was an exceptional choice against the Jayhawks’ vulnerable defense. As soon as Murray found the opening, he transitioned into the next gear and was off to the races for the 75-yard touchdown.

For a player known for routinely making big plays, it’s still amazing to watch him work. There likely won’t be another QB that comes through Norman who shares the kind of athletic gifts Kyler Murray has any time soon, but at least K1 was able to strut his stuff on his way to numerous awards and a berth in the College Football Playoff before it was all said and done.

Now let’s cover any days we missed since our last countdown post:

76 Days! - Oklahoma owns the Sunflower State

It’s fitting that Kansas was involved in the earlier portion of this post, because the Jayhawks as well as fellow in-state program Kansas State are at the forefront of this section. Why? Well on the football field, Oklahoma and the two Kansan teams have become quite familiar with one another over the last century. In fact, the Sooners have tallied 76 wins apiece over the two Sunflower State teams.

Oklahoma first played KU in 1903 and K-State in 1908. Over the next 116 years, OU has dominated both series, posting an all-time record of 76-27-6 (.697) over the Jayhawks, and a 76-19-4 (.768) series lead over the Wildcats.

Currently, the Sooners have won 14 consecutive games against Kansas and 4 straight versus Kansas State. OU will have a chance to increase both of these series win totals to 77 this October with trips to Lawrence and Manhattan.

77 Days! - Kyler connects with Hollywood in Dallas

In an instant classic for a Red River Shootout/Showdown/Rivalry/whatever, a furious fourth-quarter rally by Oklahoma fell just short as the clock expired on the final drive. Still, there were several memorable moments from this epic rivalry between two storied programs who have never been shy of their mutual disdain of one another.

One of those moments happened in the third quarter. As the Sooners trailed the Longhorns 31-17, things were getting desperate and a big play needed to be made. Who better than Kyler Murray and Marquise Brown to deliver such a spark?

A third down conversion was the bare minimum to keep OU’s hopes alive, but Murray and ‘Hollywood’ Brown said to heck with moving the chains. Instead, they lit up the scoreboard with a 77-yard bomb.

As he’s proven time and again, Brown is nearly unstoppable if het gets behind the defense. On this play, the Texas secondary learned that lesson the hard way. Ultimately, UT would survive the thrilling contest by a field goal to claim the Golden Hat. Of course, those bragging rights were completely nullified just eight weeks later in the Big 12 Championship.

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