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Movie Athletes: Can they hack it with the Oklahoma Sooners Football team?

Would a healthy Boobie Miles make the squad? What about Bobby Boucher?

CineConcerts Presents ‘Rudy’ In Concert 25th Anniversary Celebration Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

It’s spring, so you have a few options for watching NCAA sports — college basketball, baseball, softball.... maybe gymnastics if you love KJ Kindler and her athletes (I do). But spring brings the constant lust of football because of a few practices that are in pads before the student-athletes break for semester. Spring is also the time in which certain scholarship and non-scholarship players make their entrance into a program prior to summer workouts.

What I’m doing, besides staring at my dog as he chases his tail, is pondering how different movie and television athletes would do in camp, if they would make the Oklahoma Sooners football team, and decide which position they would most likely play.

Let’s get shakin.’

The Waterboy

Bobby Boucher is a complete head case that tackles anything in sight if he’s angry enough— it helps to have tacklin’ fuel. He’d impress coach Odom and Grinch with his ruthless aggression, from eye gauging to drop kicking to create turnovers, Captain Insane-O shows no mercy. This is an easy decision on all accounts, Bobby plays and rushes the quarterback 100% of the time.

Decision: Makes Team, scholarship player. Makes an impact on special teams at the very least.

Varsity Blues

Charlie Tweeder is likely not the person many people thought you’d see here after reading Varsity Blues, but here we are. John Moxon and Lance Harbor were able to make their skills work by constantly throwing Tweeder’s way. Charlie is clearly a slot — your typical Hunter Renfrow, Julian Edelman, Wes Welker type of man; I envision him competing with Nick Basquine (hopefully), Drake Stoops and others in Norman, Okla.

Decision: Tweeder makes the team, only sees scout team, runs into trouble with the law leading to his subsequent dismissal.

Friday Night Lights

Boobie Miles is truly an easy name to know and make an evaluation from here regarding what Lincoln Riley wants in his system. Miles is 6’1, 200 lbs., has long strides, cuts are quick, great hands, and according to his Uncle Elroy: He can pass too. In fact, Barry Switzer and the Sooners recruited the real Boobie back in the day.

If we’re going to ignore the obvious torn ligaments in both of Boobie Miles’ knees, he competes for RB1 straight out of high school in camp with the likes of Trey Sermon and Kennedy Brooks.

Decision: Boobie Miles has successful surgery (we’ve come a long way), joins the team as a highly-touted recruit, competes and earns his playing time in the fall as a true freshman.... if his knees can stay healthy.

Remember the Titans

Julius Campbell and Gary Bertier were integral pieces in the T.C. Williams Titans Defense— Julius is a Strong Side Defensive End, Gary was an Inside Linebacker in Bill Yoast’s vaunted 4-4 defense (yes, 4-4). In the nature of Alex Grinch’s “Speed D,” Julius Campbell will show flashes of consistency on the gridiron after being rated a four-star prospect by various recruiting sites. On the other hand, Gary Bertier, although he had 42 sacks with his 142 tackles as an All-American, I don’t know if he even gets offered from Oklahoma and Alex Grinch because of Gary’s footwork and overall speed.

Decision: Julius Campbell gets his offer, makes noise in camp and redshirts during his freshman season. Gary Bertier doesn’t get an offer— his stats and measurables are impressive, but empty numbers to Grinch and Riley since they don’t play that style of football.... but I bet he ends up as an All-American in another conference.


You can’t talk about football films without mentioning Rudy Reuttiger and his unwavering quest to put on the blue and gold. Rudy played Strong Side Defensive End at a whopping 5’6, 160lbs, which may or may not be even smaller than Dakota Austin during his tenure at OU. Rudy is tough, unrelenting in practice, killing himself at each turn and making each drill seem like his last: Ruffin loves it and admires him, Thibs often uses Reuttiger as an example to his much larger players on how to play with effort and heart, Grinch smiles and screams encouraging things at Rudy as he gets smashed by Brey Walker or Adrian Ealy. He’s truly given an experience.

Decision: Everybody likes an underdog, but times have changed. Rudy Reutigger doesn’t make it out of camp and never receives a walk-on spot. However... current OU radio analyst Merv Johnson once played a role in getting the real Rudy on the field, and Ruettiger would later serve as a babysitter for Johnson’s kids. With that in mind, maybe Merv would pull a few strings in an alternate universe.

What cinematic athletes did I leave off? What other athletes do you think would make the cut? Do you disagree with my evaluations? Leave a comment below and/or tweet at us!