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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Kyler Murray really is 5’10”, Rodney Anderson looks as good as ever, and more!

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Also, Kyler won’t throw, run or do any drills in Indianapolis, so OU’s Pro Day is going to be even bigger than originally anticipated.

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What’s up, everyone?

I’ll tell you what’s up. Kyler Murray’s measurements are up. The figures so many football fans have been eagerly anticipating (probably more than they should have) are finally here, so without further ado, let’s look at these numbers.

Murray checking in at just over 5’10” is something, because if he had come in an inch or more shorter, that would have been the biggest talking point for any quarterback prospect in this year’s draft class. Not saying it’s right, but several team execs have already voiced their concerns with taking a first round chance on a player that would be historically small. That won’t completely go away, but it’s sure to have eased some minds to a certain extent.

Something else that’s interesting is Murray’s measurement in comparison to Russell Wilson and fellow former Oklahoma Sooners Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield. Murray is currently heavier than Seattle’s QB and has bigger hands than Cleveland’s.

The remaining portion of Murray’s Combine experience will be the mental assessments — including the Wonderlic Test and interviews — as well as medical assessments. If he can do well for himself in those areas, he should be well on his way to a becoming a top draft pick (and potentially No. 1 overall). Toby Rowland is a believer!

Now onto today’s Hot Links! Kyler Murray is a sports writer’s dream, the Sooners are once again the cream of the Big 12 crop heading into spring, D-Wade razzled and dazzled for the win and more!

OU Links

  • Reportedly, Kyler Murray does not plan on throwing at the NFL Combine this weekend, but will have the opportunity to do so in front of scouts and GMs at the OU Pro Day on March 13th. This isn’t the first time a high profile QB opted out of the passing portion of his workouts in Indy. It happens just about every year, really. Murray will also not be running or jumping or any of that this weekend. Let the fiery hot takes consume us all!
  • Now that the world can collectively agree that Kyler Murray is 5’10”, just as OU had him listed on the roster last season, this morning's mic drop from OU SID Mike Houck to a troll’s comment from last month is pretty badass.
  • This is a great read from Bryan Curtis at The Ringer about Kyler Murray and why he’s been a mega source of content since he was 15. With him, there’s always something to talk about, even if he doesn’t have much to say.
  • Kliff Kingsbury spoke a little about what makes Kyler Murray the remarkable talent and prospect that he is.
  • Marquise Brown’s measurements are also in from Indy. The weight is a bit of a concern, but it’s worth noting that DeSean Jackson came into the NFL with a similar build.
  • Rodney Anderson is apparently looking like a chiseled physical specimen at the combine, which might come as no huge surprise. The guy has proven time and time again that he can come back from injuries and look stronger than ever.
  • After winning the Big 12 title four years running, Oklahoma is the easy pick as the favorite heading into spring ball. SI broke down the reasons for that and more in its Pre-Spring Big 12 Primer.
  • Today is the final day of February, which also means the final day of Black History Month 2019. On the softball field, Shay Knighten has been a clutch artist in the biggest moments and on the brightest stages. She’s also a role model for the next generation of female student athletes who see beyond and play above culturally dividing lines.

Around the Sports World

  • Jason Witten is back! More importantly, we no longer have to listen to him on Monday Night football!
  • Dwyane Wade beat the buzzer with this circus shot attempt to take down the Golden State Warriors 126-125. That atmosphere in Miami looks electric.
  • Vince Carter, 42, nearly brought the house down on the young Karl-Anthony Towns. There’s no doubt Vinsanity is still a thing. Getting an and-1 from the effort is nice, but boy I sure do wish that poster would have happened.

Stick to Sports!

  • Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is coming to Disneyland this summer and Walt Disney World this fall, and the best part of the experience has to be the intergalactic cuisine. Ever wanted to try bantha milk? How about smoked kaadu ribs or fried Endorian tip-yips? You can indulge on all that and more right here on earth as early as this calendar year.

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