Jadon Haselwood....

Hey Sooners.... UGA fan here. I started a thread over at dawgnation which will track the careers of Jadon Haselwood and George Pickens. Haselwood caused us much consternation as he left us at the altar , and then we flipped Pickens from Auburn at last minute.

I’m hoping both players have awesome careers and it turns into a Julio Jones / AJ Green type of thing.

Can you guys give me any insight into Haselwoods first year I can carry with me ? I haven’t seen much written about him and all I have is stats to go by. There has been rumor that he hasn’t been happy with his role and maybe some immaturity issues. Pickens has had some of that - great talent but has let his emotions run a little hot a few times.

Pickens has enjoyed a better year stat wise - but the Dawgs don’t have the depth at the position OU seems to have. So, what’s up with Haselwood ?

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