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Oklahoma Sooners Football moves up to No. 5 in SB Nation FanPulse poll

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Following a solid win at Oklahoma State, the Oklahoma Sooners moved up a spot.

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NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Following a statement win over the Oklahoma State Cowboys and a big upset in the Iron Bowl, the Oklahoma Sooners have moved up to No. 5 in this week’s SB Nation FanPulse Poll. Sixty-six of the NCAA team brands fan bases voted to create this week’s Top 25, and here’s what the data tells us:

Here’s how Oklahoma fans voted this week:

  1. Ohio State (12-0)
  2. LSU (12-0)
  3. Clemson (12-0)
  4. Oklahoma (11-1)
  5. Georgia (11-1)
  6. Utah (11-1)
  7. Baylor (11-1)
  8. Florida (10-2)
  9. Alabama (10-2)
  10. Auburn (9-3)
  11. Penn State (10-2)
  12. Wisconsin (10-2)
  13. Memphis (11-1)
  14. Oregon (10-2)
  15. Notre Dame (10-2)
  16. Boise State (11-1)
  17. Minnesota (10-2)
  18. App State (11-1)
  19. Michigan (9-3)
  20. Cincinnati (10-2)
  21. Iowa (9-3)
  22. Navy (9-2)
  23. Air Force (10-2)
  24. Virginia (9-3)
  25. Kansas State (8-4)
  • Surveyed college football fans were asked which team they would favor for the fourth playoff spot, and 44.4 percent went with the Utah Utes. 28.9 percent picked the Sooners, while 20.3 percent elected to go with Georgia. 1.2 percent picked ‘Bama (lol).
  • The Kansas State Wildcats didn’t make an appearance in the national poll, but I’d be shocked if an 8-4 team with a win over Oklahoma didn’t show up when Tuesday’s College Football Playoff rankings are revealed.
  • Shockingly, UT’s win over Jett Duffey and the Texas Tech Red Raiders wasn’t enough to get the 7-5 Longhorns back into the good graces of college football fans. It also wasn’t enough to save Todd Orlando (fired) and Tim Beck (demoted).
  • At the risk coming across as biased (this is a fan site, so that’s okay), I’m in agreement with America in their placement of Oklahoma and Utah. The Utes have played one (1) good team in 2019 and — wait for it — lost to that team. Having said that, I have a feeling that this will all take care of itself if the Sooners take care of business down in Arlington.

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