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Early Signing Period 2020: 3-star DE Noah Arinze signs with Oklahoma

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The last St. Louis-area defensive end to sign with the Sooners worked out well.

Louisiana Monroe v Oklahoma Getty Images

The Oklahoma Sooners are hoping to hit it big with their newest defensive end from St. Louis.

Three-star recruit Noah Arinze, who signed with the Sooners on Wednesday, will join standout defensive lineman Ronnie Perkins as the only two St. Louis natives on the OU roster in 2020. Much like Perkins, Arinze’s strengths lie in his ability to rush the passer. Unlike Perkins, however, Arinze stands little chance of seeing serious playing time in his rookie year.

A year or two in OU’s strength program could position Arinze to grow into a contributing role for the Sooners in 2022.